TAX FAIRNESS? Trudeau Government Convicting Small Business Owners For Tax Evasion, But Have ZERO Reported Convictions Of Elites Using Offshore Tax Havens

Report reveals that none of the 78 tax evasion convictions cited by the Trudeau government are related to elites using offshore tax havens.

The Trudeau government loves talking about “tax fairness,” and they love to posture as defenders of the middle class.

They even tried to get credit for fighting offshore tax evasion, saying they had made 78 convictions when asked about their efforts.

However, a new report reveals that ZERO of those convictions are actually about offshore tax evasion according to public records. Here are some key sections of the report:

“In fact, Canadians convicted of tax evasion over the past two years are far more likely to be tax protesters or small business people who failed to declare all of their income.”

“The total of 78 has been cited most often by National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier. But Trudeau and Lebouthillier’s parliamentary secretary, Kamal Khera, have also quoted it in their responses to charges that the government wasn’t doing enough to combat offshore tax evasion.”

“However, the review by CBC News of the list of convictions, which used a combination of CRA press releases, news stories and court files, did not find any references to convictions resulting from offshore tax evasion.”

At this point, it’s reasonable to believe that there have been no convictions of elites using offshore tax havens, while small business owners are being punished.

This is outrageous.

For all their rhetoric about “tax fairness,” the Trudeau government is doing nothing to combat offshore tax evasion – giving the elites (probably many of their donors), a free pass, while punishing members of the middle class.

Not only are they refusing to deal with the problem (which costs Canada up to $15 billion per year), but they tried deceiving Canadians about it, by citing the 78 convictions figure when they knew it had nothing to do with offshore tax evasion.

This is why so many people no longer trust anything the government says or does. Clearly, this is a government that serves the elites – and nobody else.

Spencer Fernando

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