Tom Mulcair To Leave Politics In June

He has been in Parliament for a decade.

Former NDP Leader and current MP for Outremont Tom Mulcair is planning to leave politics in June, 2018.

He is expected to take a job teaching at a Canadian university.

Mulcair’s election to a Quebec seat in 2007 was a precusor to the Orange Wave of 2011, where the NDP won a majority of the seats in Quebec and became the official opposition.

After Jack Layton’s death, Mulcair became leader of the NDP and led them to a long stretch of strong poll results.

However, those polls didn’t last through the 2015 campaign, when the NDP lost many of their seats to the Liberals, and fell back to third place.

Mulcair ran for leader again, but was rejected by the party when a slight majority of NDP members voted for a leadership review.

Of note, Mulcair regularly criticized Justin Trudeau during the 2015 campaign, saying that his “small deficit” promise was misleading, which has turned out to be quite correct.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The NDP have traded Tom Mulcair for Jagmeet Singh. Unbelievable. How STUPID can the NDP possible be??

Roger Shelswell

Ha Ha Same old thing.If you can not do it You teach it. A communist like this dope should not be allowed to teach anyone anything.