Is Trudeau Sabotaging TPP Negotiations To Appease China?

The TPP is a large trading block that many see as a counter to China. Yet, Trudeau seems more interested in a “free trade” deal with the Communist State than he does in a deal with democratic allies.

Something quite strange is going on in Canada’s trade policy.

While opposing so-called “free trade” deals makes sense considering the damage that has been done to Canadian workers, that’s not what’s driving the Trudeau governments concerns (since when did they care about Canadian workers?)

Instead, the Trudeau government appears to be pushing away our democratic allies while getting closer and closer to China.

That’s the case with ongoing negotiations around the TPP, where Japan is now considering the possibility going ahead without Canada, as reported by the National Post:

“Though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau balked at finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership last month, Japanese officials say the other countries in the trade deal could decide to push ahead on it without Canada. In interviews with the National Post in Tokyo Monday, officials from Japan’s foreign affairs ministry confirmed that if all the other countries involved in TPP talks agree on a text, there’s nothing stopping them from going ahead without Canada and letting the Canadians accede whenever they are ready.”

If Canada leaves the TPP and refuses “free trade” with China, that would be a good thing. We should sign one-on-one deals with countries based on the trade of specific products, rather than the massive deals that end up empowering the globalist elites while betraying workers.

However, the Trudeau government has said they are still seeking a deal with China, which raises the possibility that Canada could end up without a deal with our democratic allies (TPP), while signing a deal with China.

That would be a huge mistake for our country, as anything we don’t like about TPP would be way worse in any deal with China.

For all the flaws of the TPP, at least countries like Japan have a system based upon the rule of law and have at least nominal respect for private property.

That’s not the case in China, meaning that whatever is signed with them is no guarantee the deal will be respected down the road.

That raises the question of why the Trudeau government seems to be pushing back harder on the TPP than they are on “free trade” with China.

Unfortunately, Trudeau has a repeated record of bowing down to China’s wishes, while distancing our country from traditional Canadian allies.

China would love nothing more than to see the TPP fall apart, and for the TPP countries to come running to China for a deal that will serve China’s interests.

While it still seems likely that Canada will sign on to the TPP at some point, one has to wonder whether the Trudeau government is purposely sabotaging it – or at least throwing a wrench into the works – in order to send a message to China that Canada is prepared to do what the Communist State demands.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Trudeau government made a questionable decision that weakened Canada to strengthen China. The government has let China take over Canadian national security companies – including one that is expected to give China a boost in technology that will help them catch up to our allies.

The government also seems set to approve China’s attempt to buy Aecon – a massive Canadian construction firm behind some of our most iconic national projects.

With all that in mind, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Trudeau wanted to weaken or end the TPP to further the interests of China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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