WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent Nearly $10K On Blue Jays Tickets, Including For Corporate Executives

While the government runs massive budget deficits, they waste taxpayers money and show contempt for those who pay the bills.

The Trudeau government spent nearly $10K in taxpayers money on tickets to Toronto Blue Jays games, in a blatant waste of taxpayer dollars.

As reported by Global News, “The biggest chunk was spent taking 90 private sector, technology and government partners from B.C., the United States and Mexico to watch the Jays take on the Seattle Mariners on June 11, 2017. In Seattle.”

Even worse, many of the tickets weren’t even for regular seats. They were for group suites.

So, not only did the government waste our money, they made sure to waste as much of it as possible.

Among the reported ‘guests’ were executives from Amazon and Boeing. Obviously, those individuals could have easily paid for their tickets themselves, yet the government spent taxpayer money on it instead.

This shows the clear contempt the government has for the Canadian people who pay the bills. They take our money, and then waste it on entertainment for wealthy executives and elites.

Then, after they’ve run out of money and are deep in debt, they say that taxes aren’t high enough and seek to take even more.

As a result, Canadian taxpayers are paying taxes to politicians who have a standard of living far above what most Canadians enjoy, and have no respect for that fact.

The only way this will change is for the government to be punished at the ballot box, to send a clear message that we won’t put up with our tax dollars being wasted.

Spencer Fernando

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