Aecon Shareholders Approve China’s Takeover Of The Historic Canadian Company

The federal government can still block the deal, but that’s unlikely considering Trudeau’s repeated unwillingness to challenge China’s efforts to buy more and more of our country.

Aecon shareholders have voted 99% in favour to approve the takeover of the company by Chinese firm CCCC International Holding Ltd.

57.8% of shareholders participated in the vote.

“It’s a bittersweet moment for me personally,” said Aecon CEO John Beck. “But it’s definitely the right thing for everyone involved with the company.”

Of course, there was a time when big businesses had a sense of loyalty to their country, not just their shareholders. Unfortunately, this attitude has been lost, as big companies chase short-term profit, even when that means letting an anti-democratic communist state takeover one of Canada’s most historic companies.

BNN Reporter James Berkow tweeted about the vote:

Letting China’s government take over a historic Canadian company must not be allowed. Our country must protect our national security, our jobs, and our history.

All of our citizens must wake up and realize that Canada is being sold off piece by piece, and unless it stops, we won’t really have a country anymore.

Spencer Fernando

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