FOOLS: Globalist OECD Criticizes Canada’s High Energy Use, Ignores Impact Of Cold Weather

Canada is one of the coldest countries on earth. If we want a good standard of living, using lots of energy is unavoidable.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – a globalist organization made up of 35 “free market” countries – is criticizing Canada’s high use of energy and calling for an even higher carbon tax in a recent report.

As noted by the CP, “The report looks at everything from climate change action and adaptation to water pollution, air pollution, garbage dumps and protected lands and waterways since the last review in 2004.”

While the report does give Canada some credit for reduced emissions from the generation of electricity “in the last decade and a half,” it criticizes our energy usage.

“However the report finds Canada lags behind other OECD nations in the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills and is the second-most carbon and energy-intensive economy within the OECD. For every US$1,000 in GDP created in Canada, this country uses 62 per cent more energy and produces 44 per cent more carbon emissions than the OECD average. This is largely because of Canada’s resource-heavy economy. However the report also notes Canada’s use of resources and energy is high even when compared to other resource-heavy economies.”

Of course, we all know the obvious reason for this: Canada is an extremely cold country and is widely spread out over a large territory.

That means high heating costs, and high transportation costs – both of which mean more emissions.

By ignoring the impact of cold weather, the OECD report loses all credibility.

As usual with globalist institutions, they completely ignore the unique context of each nation, and try to dictate what we should do in our own country.

The foolish report thinks the carbon tax should be nationalized, which would take away the ability for provinces to set their own policies (to meet the targets centrally-dictated by Trudeau).

It’s no coincidence that the OECD wants more centralization, since it’s far tougher to enforce global governance on decentralized regions.

Additionally, the OECD is also calling for the carbon tax to rise even higher than the $50 a tonne mark set for 2022, which shows their total ignorance of the damaging impact higher taxes have on middle class and working class people, and their disregard for Canada’s high-energy needs.

As you can see, all this talk about climate policy is being manipulated by globalist institutions to increase centralization and raise taxes even further.

It’s not an environmental agenda, it’s a political agenda, and it’s being run by people so foolish that they don’t even take something as basic as weather into account.

That’s why Canada should stop listening to these globalist institutions, and make decisions based above all on what’s best for our own country and our own people.

Spencer Fernando

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Pete Black CPA CA

This is simply another way of building a case to increase the carbon tax on us. Trudeau and Butts will use this the nationalize the tax and screw us out of more money. You watch – this will happen before our very eyes. Step by step this Trudeau government is WRECKING CANADA. We are on a foundering ship heading for the rocks with our sails being systematically ripped off by the Trudeau socialist agenda.

Laine Du'Brulle

Could not have said it better myself. Well put Mr. Black


Pete, I couldn’the agree more. This little jerk is destroying us abit at a time. However, having said that I feel our hands are tied until 2019. What does trudum want us to do, live in igloos. The idiot honestly is insane.
He does’this have a clue as to what he is doing and that makes him even more dangerous.

Clive Edwards

Canada needs to de-confederate, since as you mentioned ruling lots of small countries is like herding cats (and sooner or later one will get up on its hind legs and fight back). I am reminded of a saying in Western Canada from the seventies – “…let those Easterners, and they’re all Easterners as far as Western Canada is concerned, freeze in the dark if they think they can jack Western Canada around!” This is also o Tai Chi tactic – bring your enemy down by taking control of the attack faster and further than your enemy intended, letting the force… Read more »


This is absolute B.S . Not only do I not believe these numbers but Spencer is correct in pointing out the obvious, we are a massive cold country . Hell you can t even get out of your driveway without running your car for 10 minutes in Winter or your going to run into something for lack of visibility . Seems you cannot say the obvious enough, that we have , and always will use more energy then most countries . Also Jim Carr actually agreed with Daniel Yergin in a taped interview last year that Canada is already powered… Read more »

alan skelhorne

do you think that mr. scheer has the back bone, myself personally, i would say no.
i really wanted kellie leitch to get that job as the opposition leader, this woman has balls. but a little birdie told me, shut her down, she is just like president trump. too bad, because these minoeities in canada, would be no more, meaning shut the immigration down for at least two years, and return the refugees to their homelands, the war is almost over in syria now, time for those so called refugees to build their country back up. only my opinion.