PHOTOS: Justin Trudeau Met With The Boyle Family In The PMO

Joshua Boyle was once married to Omar Khadr’s sister Zaynab. On Twitter, The Boyle Family said “Incidentally, not our first meeting with @JustinTrudeau, that was ’06 in Toronto over other common interests, haha.”

A Twitter account called The Boyle Family (@BoylesVsWorld), has posted photos of their meeting with Justin Trudeau in the Prime Minister’s office.

Some of the photos are below:

Trudeau Boyle Family Meeting

Trudeau Boyle Meeting

The Boyle Family account tweeted about the visit:

Connection to Omar Khadr

The Boyle’s were reportedly kidnapped by terrorists near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, after Joshua Boyle and his pregnant wife Caitlan Coleman were hiking in the area.

They were rescued by the Pakistani military, and later refused to board an American plane because he feared being detained.

It was also revealed that Boyle had connections to Omar Khadr, having reportedly once volunteered to be the spokesman for the family.

He was also married to Khadr’s sister Zaynab for a while.

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that the meeting – which will raise the eyebrows of many Canadians – took place, telling CTV “The Prime Minister did meet with the Boyles earlier this week, and like all Canadians, we are relieved that their terrible ordeal is over and they are back home safely. It was a private meeting and we will not say more due to privacy considerations and out of respect for the family.”

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Talk about Boyle knowing how to make friends with ISIS. No prisoner of ISIS ever survives. As an informed Canadian, I know that I would never go on vacation with my family in those countries. Specially not in the border ISIS infested area of Afghanistan-Pakistan. So we are supposed to believe that they were captive of ISIS. Well, I say ah ah too!

J Todd

The last article sbout TRUD and Josh Boyle has very very serious implications regarding the PM JIHAD OMAR KHADR AND CHRIS SPEER killed in 2002, this is a bomb shell in my opinion the nuclear kind

Brian Richard Allen

Seems the traitor, Trudeau-fils, who may be the spawn of the traitor, Trudeau-père, is also the traitor, Obama, redux. Way to go, Canada.

Brian Richard Allen


And Canadians go to him imploring him for help and are dimissed. Just a photo opp for the creepiest human (and I sometime question the human part) in Canada.

J Todd

This TRUD and Josh BOYLE has very serious security implications all 17 US INTEL agencies must be very aware of
2002 Khadr kills Chris Speer
2006 Then TRUD meets brother in law of Khadr named Josh Boyle who then goes “hiking”
2017 Khadr gets 10.5 million2
2017 Boyle gets “rescued”
2017 Boyle again meets PM


The Boyle fantasy trip and abduction smells. Always has. It’s just a jihadist going to do what Jihadists do but got “rescued” by American soldiers. How much money will Trudeau give them?

Janet Cowan

I suspect that you are right, something is definitely off on their story. I’ll bet trudeau will give them money. This time we may never find out about it. JT just couldn’t resist another photo op. If it isn’t tears, it’s holding a baby. Phoney!!!

Old Patroit

Trudeau is a traitor and he makes me sick.