According To Report, Barry Sherman Was Seeking To End Investigation Into Trudeau Fundraiser

The Toronto Star is reporting that deceased Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman, “was attempting to quash an investigation into a political fundraiser he held for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that allegedly ran afoul of lobbying rules,” days before his death.

According to the report, Sherman “had been under investigation by lobbying commissioner Karen Shepherd since October 2016, and was facing a possible five-year ban from lobbying because of the fundraiser he hosted during the last federal election.”

This stems from the rules in the lobbyists code of conduct, which “prohibits registered lobbyists, such as Sherman, from lobbying office holders they helped get elected.”

Trudeau shared his condolences on Twitter after news of the Sherman’s passing spread:

According to the Toronto Star, the government referenced the above tweet when asked about this matter.

Sherman had launched a lawsuit to block the investigation into the fundraiser.

The head of Democracy Watch – Duff Conacher – said “Mr. Sherman’s fundraising activities for Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister (Bill) Morneau and the Liberal party created conflicts of interest.”

As noted by the Star, “The allegations haven’t been proven in court and the case is ongoing, but documents were filed by Sherman’s lawyers days before he died.”

Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd was investigating, though there are doubts as to whether the investigation will go forward considering recent events.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Edward R Peebles

Have We Got a Cover-up Here?


Sounds very fishy to me. Reminds me of Hilary..

alan skelhorne

sophie n i are saddened, yeah okay liar.

Pete Black

Corruption reigns supreme with the left in many countries.


On the contrary, with 2 murders, the investigation has even more reasons to continue.

Jerry Papousek

Add the ClintonFoundation and Apotex involvement in Haiti relief. Add Trudeau Foundation. Add global elites. This is rotten to the core.

Bob Huffman

To not go forward with the investgation would be a bigger travesty of justice! Trudeau is a fraud and a liar


What a better way to maximize secrecy than to jet off to an island for whatever his purpose. I hope there is at least one intrepid reporter who will dig into the Bell Island scandal. There’s potential for significant revelations. It is curious that not one reporter at Trudeau’s confessional press conference asked whether he had been influenced by his discussions with the Aga Khan on the island, and if so, in what ways. It would have been telling to have heard his response and observe his body language. The reporters all focused on the fact that he broke the… Read more »


Only in Canada does the crooks get off under false reasons.