CRAZY: Unlike Our Allies, Trudeau Government Refuses To Put ‘Canadian’ ISIS Fighters On Global Sanction List

With our allies and many other countries working together to track down ISIS fighters, the Trudeau government is refusing to put ‘Canadians’ who went overseas to join ISIS on a global sanction list used to track them down.

The Trudeau government never misses a chance to sign on to global efforts.

Except when those efforts are about fighting ISIS.

A disturbing new report has revealed that the Trudeau government is refusing to put the names of ‘Canadians’ who went overseas to join ISIS on a global list being used by many of our top allies to coordinate anti-terror efforts.

Here’s a key section of the report:

“The Canadian government insists it’s using “all available tools” to find, detain and convict citizens who have travelled overseas for the purposes of terrorism, but it hasn’t submitted a single name to the UN committee that maintains a sanctions list of international jihadists.

UN Resolution 2253 encourages all member states to actively submit the names of individuals and entities that support ISIS and al-Qaeda. British, French, German and American citizens all figure among the 256 individuals on the list.

Arab countries have provided the majority of the names, but many other countries including Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Bosnia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indonesia and the Philippines have also listed citizens. Even the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has a citizen on the list.”

And yet, Canada hasn’t put anyone on the list.

Christian Leuprecht of the Royal Military College, criticized the government’s decision to leave the list empty:

“There are countries here that are leading by example: the Americans, the British, the French, the Germans. Where is Canada in terms of supporting our major allies, leading by example and doing the right thing? It shows that Canada has been a follower, not a leader, when it comes to driving global intelligence exchange. And for a government that purports to be multilateralist and working through the UN, at a minimum you’d expect Canada to put some names on the list.”

Leuprecht is correct.

Usually, I’m no fan of Canada signing up to UN efforts.

However, the fight against ISIS is certainly a reasonable exception.

The fact that the Trudeau government refuses to add to the list raises some tough questions – especially in light of Justin Trudeau’s weak, naive, and quite frankly disturbing approach to Islamist terrorism.

Trudeau seems to believe that it’s wrong to fight against ISIS, and that ISIS fighters should be protected by the Canadian government.

After all, he has eased their path to return to Canada without facing arrest or deportation, he’s made it easier for terrorists to keep their Canadian citizenship, and he ended the anti-ISIS air combat mission.

Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Spencer Fernando

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Our allies are now firmly convinced that Trudeau strongly supports Islamic terrorists. This isn’t at all surprising when we consider that a disproportionate number of his caucus members are likely involved with the NCCM or similar sharia promoting Muslim organizations in Canada. His massive financial support of Hamas showed his true feelings about Muslim terror. He is also making affectionate overtures to Iran. By rewarding Khadr for his terrorist activities and now deliberately protecting the names of the terrorists he is inviting into Canada, he is treating what used to be our allies with contempt and insulting them to their… Read more »


Even countries that are not our allies are giving the least of their ISIS fighters. Furthermore, I bet you many of them have dual citizenships. Surprising that Trudeau who is always ready to bend over backwards for the UN is not this time. Very inconsistent behaviour.

Tim Pedden

The Safety and FUTURE for Canadians means absolutely nothing to Islam’s Terrorists or TRUDEAU and his TERRORIST LOVING LIBERALS. Our Children and Grand Children need To be Protected from Terrorists and Liberal’s

don morris

Justin Trudeau, or any other top level politician for that matter, does not make a move on a major issue like this without it being thoroughly discussed with his team. They made the decision to NOT put the names of our terrorists on that UN list,in actual defiance of our allies. Why? What reason makes any sense,and don’t anyone give me the ,”he’s just an idiot” line. As I said, Prime Ministers and Presidents ALL have advisors, usually very well educated,experienced people to help make these decisions,it is NOT done on a whim by the Leader. So,what is a reasonable… Read more »

alan skelhorne

the picture is very clear in my opinion, that guy in ottawa is 100% anti-candaian, you don,t have to be a rhodes scholar to figure this out. and one other thing, believe it or not, trudeau is just relaying what george soros wants him to do. to me that is a clear picture,.

Bob Huffman

I believe Trudeau has a hidden agenda and that he has traitorous intentions.