MAKING HISTORY: Trudeau Becomes First Sitting PM Found In Violation Of A Federal Statute

Journalist David Akin points out Trudeau’s ‘historic’ first.

Justin Trudeau has made a historic first.

However, it’s not for anything good.

Global News Chief Political Correspondent David Akin revealed the history-making event on Twitter after the Ethics Commissioner ruled that Trudeau violated four parts of the Conflict of Interest Act:

“PMJT first PM in history to violate a federal statute while in office: “Mr. Trudeau did contravene sections 5, 11, 12 and 21 of the [Conflict of Interest] Act but that he did not contravene subsection 14(1) of the Members’ Code, or subsection 6(1) or section 7 of the Act. “

It’s not quite what Canadians expected when Trudeau promised “Real Change,” but it’s certainly a historic event.

Of course, it’s been clear for some time that Trudeau thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

Like many elites, Trudeau believes rules are for everybody else, and is willing to hold himself to a “special” standard that the rest of us aren’t privileged enough to receive.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter