REPORT: Trudeau Government Veterans Pension Plan Sparks Confusion, Won’t Start Until 2019

The government can hike taxes rapidly, yet even when they “keep” their promise on Veterans pensions two years later, it’s confusing and seems to fall short of what they originally said.

Two years after promising to restore the lifelong pension for Canadian Veterans, Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan released the Liberal plan.

Initial overviews of the plan show that while it could increase benefits for some severely injured Veterans, the CP notes that “the Liberals’ plan offers only modest increases for those on the other end of the spectrum, and continues to provide many veterans with less than the previous lifelong disability pensions, which were abolished in 2006.”

The plan also won’t begin until early 2019, and appears to fall short of being equal to the previous pension system. That means it would fall short of truly being a “restored” lifelong pension, despite Trudeau making that promise in 2015.

It also appears to lack details, which is not what Veterans were looking for.

I asked Canadian Veteran Aaron Bedard – one of the leaders of the Equitas Case – what he thought about what was announced today:

“This announcement lacks so much detail that it has created chaos amongst veterans on social media.”

Considering that the government had two years to put this plan together, the fact that it’s still lacking in detail and causing so much confusion is terrible.

It’s also terrible that it’s only going to take effect almost four years after the election.

How is it possible that the government could implement tax increases, hire thousands of new bureaucrats, make big changes to regulations all in their first year, yet take nearly four years to re-instate a policy that had already existed?

All they had to to was look at the previous Veterans Pension system, adjust it for inflation, increase it some more, and the policy would have been simple to put back in place.

Instead, there won’t be much trust based upon this promise, until (and if) the government shows they are definitively keeping their word.

Spencer Fernando