Canada Abstains On Garbage UN Vote That Condemned U.S. Declaring Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

The corrupted and biased United Nations regularly condemns Israel and other democratic nations, while ignoring horrendous actions committed by brutal regimes.

The Trudeau government abstained on a United Nations vote that condemned the United States for making the common-sense declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and pledging to move their embassy to Israel’s capital city.

Voting against the resolution should have been a no-brainer, since Israel should be allowed to define their own capital, and the United States should be free to put their embassy where they choose.

Instead of standing with the U.S. and Israel however, the Trudeau government took the more politically correct choice, criticizing the resolution while refusing to actively oppose it.

In a statement, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said:

“Canada continues to support building the conditions necessary for the parties to find a peaceful solution. We are disappointed that this resolution is one sided and does not advance prospects for peace to which we aspire, which is why we will abstain on today’s vote.”

Canada joined 35 countries in abstaining, while over 100 voted in favour.

The U.S., Israel, and a handful of other nations voted against the resolution.

U.N. hypocrisy

This vote is just the latest in a long line of hypocrisy from the U.N.

The effort was initiated by Turkey, a nation where the government is increasingly eroding democracy, putting journalists in jail, and suppressing freedom of speech.

Yet, there’s no condemnation for Turkey, or the many other anti-democratic nations in the U.N.

Instead, most of the focus goes toward condemning Israel and the U.S., proving that the United Nations has been badly corrupted and is brutally biased.

While it’s good that Canada didn’t vote for the garbage resolution, the government should have gone a step further and voted against it, while issuing a statement condemning how far the U.N. has fallen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube