REPORT: John Kerry Was On Aga Khan’s Island During Trudeau’s “Family Vacation”

Why didn’t Trudeau reveal this information to the Canadian people?

It turns out that the Trudeau government has been withholding an “interesting” detail about the ethics-busting trip to the Aga Khan’s private island:

Former U.S. Secretary John Kerry was on the island at the same time as Trudeau.

The government has never shared that information with the Canadian people – and didn’t bring it up until it basically leaked.

According to the report“A government official, speaking on background, told CBC News Kerry was there at the invitation of the Aga Khan and happened to be there at the same time as Trudeau. At the time, Kerry still held his cabinet position in the Obama administration. U.S. President Donald Trump won the presidential election in November but didn’t take the oath of office until his Jan. 20 inauguration.”

Additionally, “While it’s not clear what exactly Kerry was doing on the Aga Khan’s island, Dawson’s report showed Trudeau talked to the Aga Khan about geopolitics, the Muslim world, Canadian leadership on the global stage and problems the Aga Khan was facing.”

The fact that this was never disclosed to Canadians proactively by the government shows their contempt for all of us.

The whole way through Trudeau’s ethics violations, the Trudeau government was dishonest, and refused to give details to Canadians, as if they think we have no right to know what the “leaders” of our own government are doing with our money.

Now, the revelation that John Kerry was on the island, and that Trudeau discussed things beyond a usual “family vacation” shows that there are many more details Canadians need to know about what really happened.

Of course, given the total arrogance of Trudeau and the government, it’s obvious that they’ll keep trying to hide as much as possible from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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