TERRORISM: Australia PM Says Melbourne Attacker Cited “Perceived Mistreatment Of Muslims” As Motive

Turnbull says the attacker came to the country “through the appropriate normal refugee programs.”

Despite efforts by the authorities to direct the conversation away from “terrorism,” a clear ideological motive has emerged in the attack which injured 19 people.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussed comments made by Melbourne attacker.

“To be attacked like this, in the middle of one of our great cities, is a shocking event, a shocking crime,” said Turnbull. “He has said, in a number of what the police are describing as utterings, that he attributed his actions to perceived mistreatment of Muslims.”

In a sign that political correctness has infected everything, Turnbull then weakly still tried to downplay the issue of terrorism, saying the following:

“But at this stage, because investigations are continuing, apart from that statement, there are no known links to any political issues, or any links to extremist groups, and I am advised at the moment that no terrorism link has been identified.”

Of course, someone attacking innocent people in an ISIS-style attack, and then identifying a clear ideological motive is clearly a terrorist attack, and the authorities only make themselves look like weak fools when they try to downplay it.

The threat of Islamist terrorism isn’t going away, and only with strength and honesty can it be successfully confronted. Political correctness and timid weakness will only make things worse.

Videos: Aftermath of attack & arrest of suspect

Spencer Fernando

Photo/Video – Twitter/LachlanVe