VIDEO: Andrew Scheer Rips Trudeau For Violating Ethics Rules

“The Liberals continue to believe that there is one set of rules for Liberals and their friends, and another set of rules for everyone else,” said Scheer.

During his response to the Ethics Commissioner ruling that Justin Trudeau had broken ethics rules, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pointed out how Trudeau’s actions were part of a broader liberal arrogance.

Scheer also noted that “for the first time in Canadian history, a Prime Minister has been found to have violated federal law.”

Additionally, Scheer had raised concerns about Trudeau’s trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island all the way back when he was running for Conservative leader.

At the time, Trudeau arrogantly dismissed those concerns.

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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don morris

Yes,yes.The opposition excoriated Trudeau for his breach of ethics that was SO egregious it took Mary Dawson an whole year to come to a decision. Must have been as complicated as the Nuremburg trials. But what is the result? Trudeau makes an insincere apology and everybody goes back to Christmas shopping. IF, big IF,but IF we ever have a CPC government again,I would like to see them initiate real penalties that cause real pain to politicians when the y commit a breach of ethics. No,I don’t mean flogging with a cat ‘o nine tails,which wouldn’t be a bad idea, but… Read more »


Thank you Spencer, I wish to hear so much more about this young smart man And hope he is honest and strong enough to take on these undemocratic lieberal elites. Have a very very Happy Holliday. Thank you again for this excellent website, Canada needs people like you.

Kevin F

Andrew Scheer has a big challenge ahead if he hopes to take Justin Trudeau’s job next time out. Scheer doesn’t sound very upset as he politely stumbles through his prepared remarks. His lack of emotion indicates that there’s nothing much to be outraged about. As much as I loathe Trudeau’s smirking arrogance, Andrew Scheer has got to get some fire in his belly. Otherwise, it will be another lopsided Liberal majority in 2019.

don morris

Yes,the CPC could sure use a Nigel Farage as their Leader. Scheer doesn’t sound outraged,he sounds like he’s reading a script. If this is the best the CPC can do,on an issue that should totally embarrass and humiliate the Liberals, I am afraid we are in for another loss in 2019.

The CPC should dump Scheer and put Maxime Bernier in his position,then we might have a chance.

Eileen Wright

You don’t really think the west would vote for another Frenchman do you?


we have had enough of this arrogant incompetent actor …get him OUT .. dont care if he makes a mistake …it is wrong, it is not a model behavior, it is unreliable and untrustworthy ..I agree with Andrew Scheer