RIGGED: Lobbying Commissioner Says Law Doesn’t Apply To Aga Khan, Won’t Investigate Further

Once again, the elites seem able to get away with anything.

Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd says the lobbying rules don’t apply to the Aga Khan, and as a result she won’t investigate further.

The news comes a day after Democracy Watch asked the Lobbying Commissioner to investigate the Aga Khan – in the wake of Justin Trudeau being found in violation of Ethics Laws.

As noted in a recent report, the Lobby Commissioner wrote the following earlier in the year:

“After reviewing the information provided to me in the administrative review report, I have come to the conclusion that the Aga Khan receives no payment for his work on behalf of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and, therefore, does not engage in activities requiring registration as a lobbyist. Consequently, the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct does not apply to his interactions with the prime minister.”

This means the Aga Khan is free to give whatever gifts and lavish whatever favours he wants on Canadian elected officials.

Once again, we see that the system is totally rigged, designed to shackle the lives of most Canadians with a labyrinth of rules and regulations, while the elites can get away with anything.

After all, even though Trudeau was found to be in violation of a federal statute – the first PM in history to do so – his worst ‘punishment’ would be a $500 fine.

Now, some are pushing back against this rigged system.

A CBC report says Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch plans to challenge to the Lobbying Commissioner’s ruling, according to an email he sent them:

“Democracy Watch will challenge this ruling in court, because it is legally incorrect, violates the spirit and purpose of the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct, and opens up a huge loophole that big businesses and other organizations will exploit by having their unregistered board members or staff do favours for, and give gifts to, politicians and government officials they are lobbying as a way of unethically influencing their policy making decisions.”

All Canadians should be hoping the Democracy Watch court challenge succeeds, because if it doesn’t, it will be total open season for lobbyist loopholes and the further corruption of our political system.

We must also demand that political party leaders pledge to close this loophole, and prove that they are willing to stand up for Canadians instead of bowing down for the elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wendy Gauvin

HOW is this fair .It is the most corrupt thing any politician can do .Laws should state they only get elected on their own merits not help from out siders .You would think it would be more beneficial to the politician knowing they were put in office because voters trust them enogh to do so .Oh I forgot they are liberal

Ana Gomes

If the laws of this Country are corrupt, do not let it happen, behind a lazy Liberal attitude. This is no time for ” laissez faire, laissez passer” of citizens not engaged in our present political saga. Your country is only as good as you are. From your God ( if you have one) and from the laws of your country, you have to demand evidence of moral superiority, compared to average human behaviour. If your God(s) as well as the laws of your Country contradict a benevolent code of behaviour, do something about it. Do not accept. Ditch them.… Read more »

don morris

Yes,but what can we,the average citizens do against the power structure of the Country,short of a bloody revolution? That will never occur in fat cat little Canada,where enough of the people depend on the government for their income that no rebellious bunch would have a chance of gaining popularity. The wealthy elites own the major business, banking,insurance industries and the media.Their toadies in the political system answer to them first,last,and always, as they pretend to present us with a choice in government. There are only minor differences between the only two Parties who will ever hold the PM’s Office in… Read more »