It’s Time For A Canadian Patriotic Movement

Rethinking the political status quo

The ongoing failure of the global elites – who Justin Trudeau so willingly serves at our expense– opens up a possibility for a challenge to the status quo in Canada. We have the opportunity for a new Canadian Patriotic Movement to reshape the entire political landscape.

This movement would be focused on returning Canada back to the Canadian people, and empowering individuals, families, and local communities.

The Conservatives are the party best positioned to seize that opportunity, but doing so will require a different way of thinking.

To both regain power and use it effectively, the Conservatives cannot simply offer to tinker around the edges of the economy and government. Big changes are required.

The government has become a massive and unaccountable behemoth, bleeding Canadians dry. More and more of our money is taken from our pockets and put under the control of politicians. Good, full-time jobs are harder to find than ever, job security is rapidly disappearing, and a select few – those connected to government – are getting richer and more powerful while the rest of us struggle.

At the same time, our national security and our principles are under threat. Our Prime Minister even wants to turn us into a “Post National-State,” destroying our Canadian identity in the process.

Confronting, and pushing back against that agenda will take toughness and strength.

That’s why nothing will change if the Conservatives simply campaign as Liberals who will just spend a little bit less money. People already think the Liberals are the party of government, and the Conservatives can never beat them in that contest. That means the Conservatives must be the party of the people, standing up for all who have been betrayed and let down by the status quo.

The Liberals poll numbers have been going down, and it’s always possible they could just collapse on their own. But hope is not a strategy. If the NDP remains around 15%, the Conservatives can’t count on vote splitting to win the next election. They will have to broaden their support base, and to do so they must be seen as the party that truly serves Canada’s national interest.

That will require some different thinking.

For too long the Liberals, and at times even the Conservatives, have been stuck in the elitist economic ideology. It worked well for massive corporations and international banks, but not so well for the rest of us.

Blind devotion to free trade deals that empower foreign courts at our expense should be replaced with a Canada first economic plan. Part of a Canadian Patriotic Movement would be embracing Economic Patriotism that seeks to build up our domestic economy, strengthen our country, and put our interests first at all times. It would also be  nationalistic, unafraid to express pride and admiration in our country and our national identity.

Here are some essential components of a Canadian Patriotic Movement

  • The carbon tax and other regulations must be cancelled to unleash the true power and potential of the Canadian economy. We must never hurt our workers and our industries just to gain favour at elitist conferences in distant global capitals.
  • We must never again sign an international trade deal that gives any foreign country jurisdiction over our court system or government decisions.
  • We must strengthen our military and ensure we have a strong and modern force to protect our country. Relying on other countries to defend us is not an acceptable plan. We must handle it ourselves.
  • We must be very clear that Canada’s national identity is based upon embracing freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of action, and economic freedom. We are the True North Strong & Free, and Free must mean something.
  • Canada should be a welcoming country, but that welcome must be on our terms and must be based upon our commitment to ensuring we always remain a free nation – pushing back against any ideology or system that wants to suppress or take away our freedom.
  • Eliminate foreign aid and keep our taxpayers money in Canada. Use it to help Canadians who are suffering instead of giving it away to foreign governments.
  • Make sure that citizenship has meaning again.
  • Use tax incentives to encourage Canadian companies to invest in Canada. Far better to have Canadian private sector companies investing in and owning our natural resources than foreign companies that could be controlled by foreign governments.
  • While still working with other countries and making mutually beneficial trade deals, we must focus first and foremost on our domestic economy. Lower taxes for Canadian families, workers, and businesses will encourage more spending within our country, creating economic growth that benefits our people.
  • End oil imports from Saudi Arabia. Bring in a “Buy Canadian” program to make sure 100% of Canada’s oil is domestically supplied. Support and strengthen the oil sands and other Canadian oil producers.
  • Put Canadian Workers first, rather than falling for the same deals that have enriched China and other countries at the expense of our workers. If all the international banks and politicians think a deal is good, we should be very skeptical, since they don’t have our interests at heart.
  • Restore justice to our justice system by ending the pathetically weak sentences handed down for the most heinous crimes.
  • Our government must serve the Canadian People, rather than trying to control them. The State must get back to basics: build roads and essential infrastructure, administer services efficiently, keep Canadians safe, and otherwise keep taxes low and stay out of our lives.

When combined, those ideas would reshape the relationship between the government and the Canadian People. We would be put back in charge of our own destiny, freed from the overbearing control of the bureaucratic and political elites.

Achieving this will require a rethinking of the political spectrum. Rather than the traditional right vs left, the real battle is between globalist elites and Canadian Patriots.

Building a movement based on those ideas will also require winning votes from some Canadians who currently support the NDP, or have checked out of the political process all together. It will require firmly taking the mantle of “Canada’s Party,” away from the Liberals, who cynically hide behind patriotism when it’s convenient while selling us out behind the scenes.

For all the NDP’s many flaws, at least they used to be much more nationalistic in an economic sense – far more so than the Liberals. There is more overlap between the attitudes of many working NDP voters and Conservatives than many people think. Any Canadian Patriotic Movement will need the support of workers in the mines, factories, and blue-collar trades that have often supported the NDP in the past.

The millions of Canadians who have checked out of politics entirely are also a massive pool of potential support. A strong, nationalist, patriotic message has not been heard by many people in Canada in a very long time, and it would bring many people back into the political process, and many more into it for the first time.

Building a new movement is imperative, not just for one election win, but for long-term change. The previous government achieved political power, but so much of what they did was swept away by Trudeau in mere months. That is the consequence of tinkering around the edges, and not engaging a mass movement. Governments come and go, movements have staying power.

Remember: If the NDP does not recover, Conservatives will need close to 45% of the vote to win elections and move Canada off the dangerous globalist course we are on. That won’t happen if they run as a slightly different version of the same broken status quo.

Canadians are asking for a party to finally champion their concerns, and finally represent their interests. The Conservatives can be that party, but only if they are willing to fully move beyond elitism within their own ranks.

That’s why the Conservatives cannot remain the party that embraces endless free trade deals and international agreements that reduce our national independence and lower wages for Canadian workers. That is not a winning formula, either for a political party, or for our country.

Time for Canada to take our true place in the world

Canada is a nation of incredible potential wealth and abundance. Unfortunately, we are led by a government that still thinks small, and refuses to unleash our true strength. We are being held back by leaders who would rather serve global interests than Canadian interests.

That needs to change.

Canada must no longer be afraid to assert ourselves. We must take our rightful place as a powerful and influential nation. Embracing our true potential is the necessary path both for our national success, and for the political success of those seeking to defeat Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is the candidate of the global elites, which means defeating him will require a movement built by and for Canadian Patriots.

It’s time to put Canada’s interests first. It’s time for a Canadian Patriotic Movement.

Spencer Fernando

Originally written in early 2017
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Mark C. Gibbesh

Sign me up, Spencer!

Paul Graham

Good article, one area that can help is the voter who has dropped out of the process for sure? This group has had it with the status quo, and is looking for something new? I am not sure the conservatives are the answer, perhaps a new party of sorts will be required to put a final nail in the coffin of these elitists who call themselves Canadians? But the biggest obstacle to turning this country around is apathy? Canadians need to get up off their butts, and start to pay attention to what these clowns in Ottawa are doing to… Read more »


“Jason Kenny has put together a new party.” Really? Seems to me a “new party” in Alberta would be, or should be, a Separatist Party. The “S” word is never so much as whispered among and establishment Alberta political parties. Don’t you think that is kind of strange?

Allen Trowsdale

I agree with you 100 %

Valerie Clark

You lay out an excellent argument that goes nowhere. Your ideas resonate with the majority of Canadians and I wanted details on how they could be implemented. A strong Conservative party is needed; that’s true. But the party is in disarray. Can it come back together under a strong leader? And if so, who is the right person for that job? Western Canada won’t accept a leader from Quebec, so where does that leave us? Bottom line: I think Canada is a dysfunctional country that can never be united and that the West should separate.


I agree. I hate that I’m looking at a potential Conservative leader to vote for and have to think “will quebec like this person?” Not is this person good for all of Canada. We don’t seem to have leaders like Trump which is what this article is saying.

Roy Cunningham

I like what I just read. BUT..when I look at the slate of candidates running for the PC leadership, I see no future leader who will inspire the electorate to vote PC. And the party leadership, instead of showing leadership and “starting over” is content to let the chips fall where they may (leaving the Liberals in charge again). Just look at the last Ontario election to see how it happened there. Do you think the Liberals got elected because they were the party of choice. There was just no viable alternative. Spencer, maybe start a new party and recruit… Read more »

Valerie Clark

A new party at this point would just split the vote on the right and assure another Liberal win. What’s needed is a very strong Conservative leader and I’m not thrilled about any of the candidates either. It takes at least a decade to get a new party up and running successfully. We need to support the Conservatives until that happens; there’s really no other choice if we want the Liberals gone. That said, George Soros knows Justa Turdo can be bought. Soros has his sites set on Canada and will try to mess with our election process to ensure… Read more »


Look into what Brad Throst stands for another good man is Pierre Lemieux.


Brad Trost is a good man but far too socially conservative to win a federal election. Pierre Lemieux is also a good man. The truth is that it doesn’t matter who wins the Conservative leadership. Trudeau will win another majority. The election will be rigged with the help of George Soros.
If we want to survive and prosper, the ONLY OPTION for Western Canada is to separate from this horribly dysfunctional country.


Where is the leader that could make this happen? Canadians should be making the decisions that involve them, not a government that does not listen to what we want.

Allen Trowsdale


Timothy Hickey

The only LEADERSHIP that can be trusted is that of A Real Majority of Canadians! How do we accomplish this ~ By electing 338 Non-Partisan MPs to serve the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians!

Allowing Canadians to develop the MANDATE is critical going forward, and yes, a VISION that holds to the next fifty years, not just the next four years to another election!

alvin mallay

I agree Justin has got to go and this country has to be put back on the rails

Allen Trowsdale


Doug Allen


Valerie Clark

Not only is Trudeau not doing anything for Canada, he’s placing this country in extreme peril. His intended censorship and punishment (M-103) of those who want to have free discussions borders on fascism. His immigration polices are not designed to make Canada a better country, but instead to weaken it and introduce chaos and havoc. Doug Allen, you are correct that waiting until 2019 isn’t an option.

Allen Trowsdale


Monique Choiselat

Spencer, the NDP are the most crooked party to ever enter Canadian Politics. How can you even acknowledge then as allies. They are now aligning themselves with the liberals instead of with Canadians.

Allen Trowsdale

NDP is still much better than the Liberals at least the NDP are for the working class a lot more than the money tax gouging Liberals

Jacques Tredoux

It is too late. Canada belongs to the global elites / bankers. They own our media, unions, universities and politicians. No patriotic anti-establishment candidate will get elected. It all changed with the age of television and mass propaganda, combined with everyone gets a vote, no matter if they contribute nothing to society. These voters are easy to bribe with “free” everything socialism, while hard working Canadians get zero representation in parliament. This is why Soros is funding third world immigration and Trudeau is fast tracking their citizenship.??? It has nothing to do with refugees. If you want your country back,… Read more »


Wow !! I must say I really enjoyed your writing. I believe you are on the right path , I will share your work. And pls.continue your true journalism we need this in canada.
Thank you

J. Jamieson

I agree with you all, except we don’t want the West to separate! If it does, however, I’m comin’ too!
The Conservative candidate who can beat Trudeau is Andrew Scheer! I have had long consideration about this, and used to think it was Maxime Bernier. He’s a bright man; he’d make a great Finance Minister! PLEASE SUPPORT ANDREW SCHEER as your # 1 choice !!


At this point he is our only choice. I’ll support and vote for him and his party. However he is not what we need right now, we need a firebrand, motivating leader. Somewhat like Donald J. Trump.

[…] In March, I wrote about the need for a Canadian Patriotic Movement. […]

Patricia ISmay

you are so right Spencer finally a direction I feel I can stand behind ! A new government for the people by the people ! Lets get rid of the global elitist and make Canada rise up through the ashes like a phoenix strong and proud once again.

Sherrie Legault

Awesome Great Investigative Journalist!
A Canadian Patriotic Movement integrates with the Conservatives! This is what we need to do & fast! Thank You!

Merry Christmas Spencer


As long as we keep using fiat money, we can never be sovereign.
We need the central bank of Canada back in the hands of the people,
or it’s no use.
If you still believe in the 2 – 3 party system,
or if they work for your interests, they don’t.
Harper said we would loose our sovereignty , because we have to make the world work.
They are all crooks. PERIOD


The only thing that will derail the Trudeau disaster is a swift kick in the ass by the Trump administration. I think this is about to happen because some US official recently said that Trudeau’s agenda will lead to a dismantling of NAFTA.
Whatever the subtlety of the hints that the US sends Trudeau, it is important that they tell him in clear terms that a Social Warrior Globalist like Trudeau is not a welcome neighbour of the US.

tTommy Hawk

I have said, since I read my first Spencer presentation that he is one of the smartest Canadians there is and should be given the opportunity, if not to run for office, to be a top adviser to any government that is elected.

We need the type of thinking, based on loyalty to Canada and our way of life that Spencer so readily displays.

This is another of those ‘Read and Heed’ items one finds every now and then.

Pat attention.

Ivan Hawkes

Some individuals within the conservative party are of strong opinion and hold righteous views. If they were to bond and stand together, voicing the outlook and aspirations of the people of Canada, they would stand an excellent chance to overthrow the LIEberals. Nearly every Canadian would agree with Spencer Fernando, even those who have supported the LIEberals. If the conservatives were to stand with a loud clear voice, declaring their vow to uphold a strong Canada, declaring the Bank of Canada would return to its original mandate, declaring to uphold our values, declaring to stand strong against any form of… Read more »


Merry Christmas everyone. Somehow we have to figure out how to save this country.

Scheer doesn’t have the look or personality of a tough no-nonsense leader. Cute dimples just don’t do it for me. Check what “looks” do for Trudeau. That is all he has going for him.

We need someone who is correct, not politically correct. Someone who isn’t absolutely terrified of “offending” some people.


I agree with SF but only 50% …too many ideas poorly thought out starting at top of list. Good effort but go deeper.

Sympathetic as I am, we blew it when we stopped having kids. No solution!

After reading The Fight For Canada, I’m convinced we’re lost. EVERY PM after #1 preferred Annexation Reciprocity NAFTA. Hw do we fight that? Forget it…let’s join Trump!

Coleen Mac

Refreshing breathe of fresh air, completely agree with Spencer Fernando. Canada needs a Canadian version of President Trump! We NEED to make Canada great, again!!!

Canada “needs” Canadian Patriots and Nationalism vs Multiculturalism, Diversity and Globalism!

Keyboard warriors will NOT be enough, Canadians must stand up and be counted. If, you are interested in doing more join your local Chapter of III%. We are all across Canada, USA and the World.

Canada and Canadians, stand up and be counted! Merry Christmas to Everyone

Coleen Mac

Thank you, Spencer Fernando…you’ve said it all!

Matthew d'Awe

I’m in. Where do we start?

Nicola Timmerman

Liberals win elections bec ause the majority of third party advertising is from union and other ‘progressive’ groups. We need more third party conservative groups along the lines of the Taxpayers Federation doing massive ads before and during elections. And we must reach young people especially since they will shoulder the burden of debt.

Miles Lunn

That is more in Ontario where you have the Working Families Coalition which is backed by unions and spent a fortune on third party advertising. Federally third party advertising is heavily restricted during the writ period meaning they can only bombard the airwaves outside the writ period. I think the success of the left is more cultural as unfortunately Canada has a very left wing political culture. I guess living next door to the US which is quite right wing is probably a big part of it as many wrongly associate anyone on the right with the most extreme elements… Read more »

Charles G. Miller

I have been watching a man who could head this up. He is intelligent, forceful and has more brains in his little toe than Trudeau and the Liberals have in their entire bodies combined. Canada needs him and I will divulge his name in the near future when the time is right.

Military Mom

Looking forward to hearing who this man is Charles. Is he going to run?


We need a new Canadian party. The Ottawa conservatives have betrayed Canada. If we cannot form a strong patriotic movement before the next election, we have to cut off the Globalist Sosicalists (i.e. Communists) east of MB, to save the rest of Canada.


Yes!!!!!!! What hope you write, Spencer!!!!!!!!! Please, keep writing, keep planning.

David Henley

We need to stand together. Do what ever it takes to get the main stream media that is devoted to the Liberals to take notice that Canada is for Canadians.

Miles Lunn

I don’t think this would be a winning issue for the Tories at all. The only type of nationalism that might sell well is left wing nationalism, sort of what the NDP used to stand for although even that has less appeal than in its heyday. 40% of Canadians were either born outside of Canada or have one foreign born parent so any movement that appeals to dog whistles will scare this group away. Also Canada tends to have a political culture of being for the little guy so going after the corporate fat cats or the rich sells well… Read more »

Glen Campbell

The only way to do this is to bring awareness to the entire country. How do most people GT their info? How do young people communicate? Electronically, of course. So let’s use that medium to its fullest. We also have a national news agency, the CBC, which uses radio to reach folks with no TV or internet. This org. Needs to be re-stuctured to unbiased political information to all Canadians. No more quote:left or right, etc. And most of all we need apolitical leader with balls, charisma and an extrodinary ability for oration.(Winston Churchill comes to mind) so what say… Read more »

John McCanna

Hi Spencer
You hit the nail right on the head.
It is exactly what I have been talking about when I mention voting for “the Sweet Spot”.
The “Sweet Spot”, is the working title for the new option I will be presenting in a couple of months.
If you are open to the idea, I would to give this to you as an exclusive story.
John McCanna

Laurie Martin

I’m on Board all the way. Pitter Patter lets get at er. …


“The government has become a massive and unaccountable behemoth” We need a Canadian Leader with the ‘balls’ of Trump. Is Scheer up to the task????

Ron Betton

SPENCER I agree with your article completely. We need a party for the people. One that will put and end to the divisional that the liberal are so famous for creating .THE PEOPLE OF CANADA EVERYDAY CITIZENS MUST PUT AWAY THIS EAST WEST HATRED , BECOME KNOWLEDGABLE OF HOW THE GOVERNMENT’S USE THIS TACTIC TO DEVIDE AND CONQUER US. The people of Canada must demand an accountable government !! We need a CONSTITUTION WHICH PROTECTS US FROM OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!! IE A national security council that’s members are all from the majority ( how does that protect Canadians???) IE Conflict of… Read more »


Ohhhhh… if ONLY!!!!!! Please, please, please God – let this happen. THAT is a party line I could get behind. And PLEASE let it happen before the absolute MORON we have leading this great nation down the toilet pulls the handle. I despair every single day at what is happening to this once great nation. We used to have such international stature and respect. NOT ANY MORE – and all done in three short years. It HAS TO stop. Has. To.

Trevor Marr

Canadians are ALL feeling Marginalized, Oppressed, Disregarded, Disrespected by the Federal Liberals, the Gravy is gone, we need to MAKE us Money for Canada, not just TAKE our money for Liberal Special Interests, Liberal Corruption, Federal Liberal Entitlement and Liberal Agenda Foreign Countries. Let’s be a good Canadian Government and work for Canadians and Canada FIRST! So far Canadians are wondering what Country you REALLY work for with OUR Tax $$$???

Trevor Marr

And Carbon Tax? With our forests and Vegetation, we deserve a Carbon CREDIT! Canada is a Carbon Sink!!! Make us Money Justin, don’t just TAKE our Money!!!

Trevor Marr

@JustinTrudeau Please list 10 top daily used items made exclusively GREEN, not requiring ANY oil/fossil fuel influence in their existence? Nothing! Solution is to optimize ALL forms of energy, use the best one to suit the given need! GREEN can NOT do everything! Stay Calm, Emit On!

Trevor Marr

In REALITY a 1part per MILLION GLOBAL ANNUAL Average variation in Earth’s CO2 is NOT driving the Earth’s Climate! That BIG orange Ball in the sky that we orbit is! Our Breath measures 40,000ppm CO2! Maybe the Federal Liberals and Provincial NPD’s just need to hyperventilate less?

Trevor Marr

Yes wouldn’t it be nice if the Leftist Gov’ts in Canada spent as much of their concern on the Elderly, the Veterans, the Handicapped, our Economic Strength, Medical, Education Systems as Weather looking silly Chanting Global Warming in 3′ of Calgary snow! PS Stay Calm, Emit On!!

Trevor Marr

Call them what they are, ‘Liberal/Democrats’, the LEFT are fiscally irresponsible, burdening future generations, with ‘Budgets Balance themselves’ thinking. Whereas, the RIGHT are Conservative, fiscally responsible, balanced, keeping spending under control for future generations by setting Priorities for today.
Next election, Canada will realize that Justin’s hair meant absolutely NOTHING, but his Debt and Policies sure caused a lot of us to go bald!!!


There was a poll taken that if there was an election today the conservatives would win. If Trump could get in with all the odds against him including George Soros funding Clinton then it can and will happen in Canada – it is called faith!