POLL: Clear Majority Of Canadians Want Returning ISIS Fighters PROSECUTED, Not “Reintegrated”

The Canadian people have common sense, yet Justin Trudeau continues his naive, dangerous, and disturbing approach to Jihadis in our midst.

A new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians reject Justin Trudeau’s plan to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters, and instead want them prosecuted.

According to a Nanos poll, 62% of Canadians want returning Jihadis prosecuted, while just 28% think the government should focus on “rehabilitation and deradicalization.”

The other 10% were unsure about their opinion.

Here’s what pollster Nik Nanos told the Globe & Mail about the survey:

“I think the message for the Prime Minister should be that, yes, deprogramming should be a priority but that we should not lose sight of the security interests of Canadians, and Canadians wanting to make sure that if someone is suspected of being involved with jihadi groups, that this is primarily a legal matter first and then a rehabilitation matter second.” 

The poll also shows the majority of respondents across Canada’s regions support prosecution over reintegration, with support for prosecution at 73% in the Prairies, 63% in Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces, 54% in Quebec, and 56% in B.C.

Trudeau refusing to listen to the common sense of Canadians

The Canadian people have common sense, and clearly want our nation kept safe rather than treating Jihadists like petty criminals.

Unfortunately, Trudeau has shown himself totally unwilling to confront radical Islamism, and shows a disturbing refusal to even acknowledge that Canada is under threat.

The opposition – and all patriotic Canadians – need to keep pressing this issue, demanding tougher action by the government to eliminate/prosecute/deport returning ISIS Jihadists.

If the Trudeau government can’t prioritize our safety, they have no business being in office.

Spencer Fernando

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