REPORT: China Caught Illegally Selling Oil To North Korea

Once again, there is a massive gap between the image of China pushed by the elites, and the reality of China’s actions.

According to the South Korea news organization Chosunilbo, Chinese ships were spotted by U.S. recon satellites illegally selling oil to North Korean ships.

The illegal sales have reportedly taken place 30 times since October.

This comes as China previously pledged to stop all sale of oil to North Korea, and they have officially denied reports of the illegal transfers.

Photos purportedly showing the oil transfer can be seen below:

China selling oil to North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted about the discovery:


The sale of oil to North Korea violates sanctions, and makes it nearly impossible to bring about the necessary pressure needed to convince North Korea to end their nuclear missile program peacefully.

Huge gap between China’s rhetoric and their actions

If China is indeed selling oil to North Korea, it would only be the latest in a long line of actions that have contradicted their stated intentions.

Western countries often fall for the ruse, particularly on economic and environmental policy. China regularly talks about “globalization” and “free trade,” while breaking trade rules and implementing protectionist policies.

They also say all the things that the globalist elites like to hear about the environment, while building new coal plants and increasing emissions.

As a result, it would be no surprise to see that China is still supporting the North Korean regime, even as they claim to be doing the opposite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control

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China has again shown its hand as one of the most CORRUPT ,Treacherous Countries on Earth . They are a True ENEMY of Freedom , DEMOCRACY and Human Rights and should be Boycotted and Exposed to the World for the Evil Empire they truly are. CANADIANS have to be extra Cautious as these same EVIL AND CORRUPT GLOBAL ELITISTS will be showing up in Canada to stuff trudeaus pockets with Cash to betray Canadians.