Trudeau’s Weaker Citizenship Rules Led To Nearly 500% Increase In Applications

The Trudeau government has repeatedly shown that they don’t think Canadian citizenship has much meaning.

After the Trudeau government weakened the residency and language standards for citizenship applications, there was a massive surge of applicants.

According to a recent report, “Figures from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship provided to CBC News show there was an average of 3,653 applications a week in the six months before changes were brought in Oct. 11. The number shot up to 17,500 applications the week after the new requirements kicked in. There were 12,530 applications submitted the week after that, but data for subsequent weeks is not yet available.”

The rules reduced the amount of time someone had to spend in Canada before applying, changing it from being here four years out of six, to three years out of five.

Additionally, the government counted some time in the country without permanent residency toward the total, and cut the “age range for language and knowledge requirements,” to ages 18-54. The previous standard was 14-64.

Predictably, this led to a big surge in new applications.

While this may seem like a “feel good” policy, it means that less of a language, knowledge, and time commitment to Canada is tied to Canadian citizenship, which could damage the integration and assimilation process.

It’s also part of a long-term trend in the Trudeau government’s citizenship policies that have systematically devalued Canadian citizenship.

The government changed the law to let convicted terrorists keep their citizenship’s, and refused to show respect for Canada’s borders when there was a surge of illegal immigration.

All of this fits with Trudeau’s globalist attitude, where national borders and national citizenship is seen as something to be eliminated, rather than defended.

That’s why we can expect further efforts to weaken Canadian citizenship so long as Trudeau is in power – which is yet another reason why he needs to be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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