Hong Kong Ship Seized By South Korea For Alleged Illegal Oil Transfers To North Korea

The announcement by South Korea comes shortly after satellite photos appeared to show China illegally selling oil to the North Korean regime.

South Korea says they are holding the Lighthouse Winmore – a Hong Kong-flagged ship that was allegedly selling oil to North Korea.

According to the Associated Press, “The Lighthouse Winmore is believed to have transferred about 600 tons of refined petroleum products to the North Korean ship, the Sam Jong 2, in international waters in the East China Sea on Oct. 19, after leaving the South Korean port of Yeosu, a South Korean Foreign Ministry official said.”

The oil transfer allegedly took place in October.

South Korea is also holding the ship’s crew during the investigation, though they will be able to leave the country when the investigation is done. 23 of the crew members are Chinese citizens, while 2 are from Myanmar.

As noted by the AP, “Ship-to-ship trade with North Korea at sea is prohibited under UN sanctions adopted Sept. 11.”

This latest revelation will raise further questions about the role China is playing in dealing with North Korea, as their rhetoric and their actions seem completely unrelated.

Without China, the North Korean regime would be unable to function, and China seems unwilling to truly use their leverage to bring an end to the North’s nuclear weapons program.

In fact, China may be going even further, by quietly undermining international efforts to apply pressure to the Kim Jong Un regime.

That should be a lesson to all leaders – including China-supplicant Justin Trudeau – that China’s government must be judged by their actions, not their empty words.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Alci B

Will Trudeau continue in his intellectually inept decisions for our once great Country ?


The Chinese Communist donors to the Justin Trudeau Benefit Fund and possibly to accounts he might have in their Chinese banks in Vancouver, cannot be trusted. Ditto for Trudeau.

It would be interesting to discover what, if any, accounts Trudeau has in the Chinese Communist Banks he personally approved. Those approvals, by the way, came shortly after they donated huge amounts to his Trudeau Fund and also gifted an expensive statue of his dad to the Trudeau Fund.

don morris

Justin Trudeau,with his empty head,will fall for the Chinese’ empty words every time.

Every person who deals with China,in business or politics,should be forced to hand write out one thousand times: “China is for China,no one else matters to them”.

In Trudeau’s case,maybe make that ten thousand times, it may take a little longer for that fact to sink into Trudeau’s exceptionally thick skull.