5 Ideas To Restore Canada’s Strength In 2018

The Trudeau government and the elites have Canada heading down a dangerous path that is weakening our country. Here are five ideas that would help restore Canada’s strength in 2018.

1) Reconnecting with our values and history

Our leaders want us to forget that our nation has a proud military history, and we have been at the forefront of standing up for freedom and human dignity. They are doing everything they can to disconnect us from our history, weaken our defences, and destroy the idea of Canada having any unifying principles or sense of national culture.

Even while the United States still had slavery, Canada was seen as a beacon of hope to the oppressed. We made an immense contribution victory in both WWI and  WWII, committing soldiers and equipment at a rate far beyond our population.

Canadians have long understood that a willingness to speak out against hateful ideologies and stand in support for human dignity and freedom must go hand in hand with a strong military to defend our own country. We also understand that ignoring the threat of ruthless ideologies, whether the dictatorship of China’s communist government, or the ever-present threat of radical Islamism, only invites more danger. We must be willing to speak freely, and openly, against ideologies that go against our historical values as Canadians.

That’s why we must reconnect with those core Canadian values, and strengthen our national defence.

Additionally, we must finally provide our Veterans with the support they have earned. It’s time for the government to stop saving money at the expense of those who served our country, and back up words with real action when it comes to taking care of those who protected our freedom.

2) End the federal carbon tax

The federal carbon represents the elitist and centralizing arrogance of the Trudeau government, thinking they know best and dictating to the provinces.

It is creating resentment in many parts of the country, and is punishing Canadians by raising the already-growing cost of living.

The policy will result in a less united country, more poverty, and more money being funneled into government.

Ending the federal carbon tax would be a big step in the right direction.

3) Reduce the size of the federal government

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, the government continues to hire more and more people at wages far exceeding the average rate in the private sector.

Government bureaucrats – especially at the highest levels – live in a world of strong job security, weak accountability, high pay, and few incentives for efficiency. It’s something most Canadians can only dream of, and it comes at a time when Canadian households and governments are falling further into debt.

It’s not sustainable.

We must address this imbalance, and bring the government down to a more reasonable size.

After all, Canada’s federal government is already way more powerful than it was intended to be, and should be focusing on a few basic things like national defence and national infrastructure, while leaving most of the rest to the provinces.

4) Cut taxes for middle class and working class Canadians

As mentioned above, the system is skewed in favour of government-connected elites, who use our tax dollars to live large at our expense, while building a bigger and more centralized government machine to entrench their power even more.

This costs a lot of money, and that money is taken from us in taxes that are much higher than they need to be.

By reducing the size of the central government, our country would save tens of billions of dollars, much of which could go towards large tax cuts for middle class and working class Canadians.

This is especially important now, as Canada’s record-high household debt levels shows that people are only holding onto their standard of living by going further and further into debt – a sure sign that we are being overtaxed.

5) Enshrining balanced budgets as a core national principle

It’s always easy for governments to run deficits. It lets them spend more money on popular things in the short-term, which helps with winning elections every few years while the consequences happen far down the road.

Yet, true leadership is about making the case for why balanced budgets matter.

Many forget that the theory upon which most deficit spending is based (Keynesian Economics), said that countries should run budget surpluses in good times, in order to afford deficits in tough times.

While war or economic crisis are justifiable reasons for running deficits, governments rarely run surpluses when there is no crisis, meaning the debt is always either going up or remaining steady – but never decreasing.

This debt creates a growing vulnerability, leaving a nation – or a household – without the ability to maneuver when an unexpected crisis hits.

Canada must reverse course from our growing debt problems, and enshrine balanced budgets as a core principle, or we will pay a serious price.

These five ideas of reconnecting with our values & history, ending the federal carbon tax, reducing the size of the federal government, cutting taxes for middle income and working class Canadians, and enshrining balanced budgets as a core national principle, would help reverse the dangerous course Canada is currently on, and would begin to restore our strength in 2018.

Of course, the Trudeau government and the dominant elite class opposes all of those ideas.

That’s why the true goal of 2018 must be to continue to push back against the propaganda of the elitist establishment, and wake more people up to the true nature of the Trudeau government and those in power. When Trudeau is defeated and a government that truly serves Canadians takes office, then we will see our strength as a country begin to be restored.

There’s a lot of work ahead to make that happen.

Spencer Fernando

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