F**K NDP/Trudeau Says Spruce Grove Tempo Station Sign

“NDP snowflakes can buy elsewhere. Liberals too,” says station owner to reporter.

A Tempo station owner in Spruce Grove is exercising his freedom of speech with a clear statement on what he thinks about the Alberta NDP government & Justin Trudeau.

The sign has gained a lot of attention, and plenty of support from Canadians who share the same sentiments.

According to reporter Sean Amato, the owner said “NDP snowflakes can buy elsewhere. Liberals too.”

This is what freedom of speech is all about, the right to say what we want and criticize the government – even if it’s not seen as “politically correct.”

Too often, “politeness” can be used as an excuse not to hold those in power accountable.

After all, a few strong words can go much further to spread the truth than a long drawn-out speech.

In 2018, lets encourage more of our fellow Canadians to speak our minds freely and clearly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (@maximus6971)

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