F**K NDP/Trudeau Says Spruce Grove Tempo Station Sign

“NDP snowflakes can buy elsewhere. Liberals too,” says station owner to reporter.

A Tempo station owner in Spruce Grove is exercising his freedom of speech with a clear statement on what he thinks about the Alberta NDP government & Justin Trudeau.

The sign has gained a lot of attention, and plenty of support from Canadians who share the same sentiments.

According to reporter Sean Amato, the owner said “NDP snowflakes can buy elsewhere. Liberals too.”

This is what freedom of speech is all about, the right to say what we want and criticize the government – even if it’s not seen as “politically correct.”

Too often, “politeness” can be used as an excuse not to hold those in power accountable.

After all, a few strong words can go much further to spread the truth than a long drawn-out speech.

In 2018, lets encourage more of our fellow Canadians to speak our minds freely and clearly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (@maximus6971)

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chris malmstrom

100% support!!


a few words is better than a whole speech. i like that kind of thinking. low educated people don’t want to listen to a whole speech with big words. i hope this get across to all those who see it and vote right the next time around.

Fed UP

Seriously? It is a proven fact that many so called highly educated, & highly paid voters voted this idiot government in. Don’t put down the ” low educated” when it was clearly the educated low lives that screwed up our country.

Just Karen

especially when 3/4 of the speech is filled with ummm and ahhh and facial twitches lol


So I guess these comments are only ok when directed at Conservative leaders like Trump? I have two university degrees and I voted for Harper.

Allan Rutherford

Well, obviously all that education didn’t do anything for you.


I interact with people of different education levels and the ones with so called low levels often turn out to be a lot more intelligent with the college educated ones. Education and IQ are not synonymous.


Oh how I wish I lived in Edmonton or Spruce Grove. I would go out of my way to fill up At Mr. Amato’s Tempo station.

Unlike the Member from Papineau whose name is unmentionable, Mr. Amato actually does speak for most Canadians. If Khalid’s M-103 passes, signs and statements such as this will result in criminal charges.


Sad truth, but you are correct regarding charges.

Miles Lunn

I can understand his frustration, I too find the left quite frustrating, but at the end of the day we need to win over some who voted that way to win next time and get them out of office. That doesn’t mean adopting their policies, but insulting them is unhelpful. That being said this is in the Sturgeon River-Parkland riding where the Tories got 77% in the most recent by-election so probably won’t get as much flak as he would in other parts of the country.

Chris vrecko


Millie Zeiler

I’d love to see more of this! Perhaps with a bit more taste to it, but yes, make this countrywide as both political parties are literally corrupt to the core. The Conservatives aren’t exactly squeaky clean either, but Notley and her NDP are deliberately shredding Alberta apart (a typical trait of NDP no matter who they represent) and the Liberals never once cared for Canada nor any other province or region they’ve represented in the past (especially since Trudeau Sr.) and they’re not about to start now. Justin Trudeau, hands down, has repeatedly made it obvious he dislikes Canadians and… Read more »

Doug Hughes

this tax is the only thing inappropriate about this situation and the lie that is the carbon tax, saw trudeau make a fool of notley, who in turn again made fools of Albertans when the BS line approvals came undone. The fed is taking away free speech and undermining Canadians values and the new liberal government is proving to be as corrupt as the last.

Brett Carpendale

I will make the trip from Edmonton to Spruce Grove as a show of my support


Support 100% as well. Bravo.


Carbon tax, the biggest scam in Canadian history.

No No

If I were corporate, I wouldn’t want this snowflake ruining the brand image. Just childish. Less a protest and more a pandering whine.

Darrel Brewster

BS….it’s OK for Trudeau and Notley raming down our throats or up the backside if that is more correct…Enough is Enough is Enough…Time to stand up and be heard…Guess you won’t be buying Gas in Spruce Grove….Power to him


Good on him!

Randy Filipovic

I support the gas station owner 100%. I live in Alberta and I am sick and tired of Rachel Notley and her party of imbeciles. Our village idiot, “little potato” is an embarrassment.

Eric neron

100% d’accord


In world history

tTommy Hawk

I’m certain that by some convoluted spin on meanings, M-103 would (will) be applied in this instance — simply as an ‘object lesson’ — we remember how that has worked throughout history, don’t we?


Great Sign! Signs like this Carbon Tax Protest is just one of the hundreds of Signs that Should be Proudly Shown Across the Country also for Many Issues that Traitor Trudeau has imposed on Canadians. The Majority of Canadians are NOT Happy!!

Jill Ward


Marie Racine

Come on Spencer, we need you to start making more noise, get louder and help give us a leg up to eliminate this inane, corrupt and utter disastrous government. I’m sure you will have plenty of supporters, the time to act is now. Would like to see a comparison of Trump’s achievements to J T’s, etc. for starters. Go to YouTube too,

Marie Racine

Hey, how about a timeline of that Joshua Boyle, including his 2006 meeting with JT?

Greg Gramlich

The People have spoken Bravo . If the shoe fits wear it.


That sign is perfectly in line with my thinking , very well said!!!
I’m on old age pension , and every time that government adds or increases a tax it’s one
More hardship on me, I’ve worked 53 years of my adult life and I find it harder and harder to keep up with the tax increases, from federal, provincial,municipal,and town, as of now 2018 I’m refusing to pay any more tax increases period!!!


If I were corporate I would show my approval, what great publicity that would be for my company after all it wouldn’t be seen as my company supporting the carbon tax. Need to think outside the box.


100% support for you! Notley had the chance to change some of the bad policies that were passed by the PC’s that were affecting: rural albertans, the high cost of insurance, the insurance cap, the land grab, the electrical relay line, and much more. We once had a proud PC party but it got corrupted by the political elite that thought they were better than the average albertan. Albertans voted to teach them a lesson in humility. We now have a strong right hand party that will soon return alberta to prosperity once again. The interim party..the NDP will soon… Read more »

Mike P

“I don’t want to do business with anyone who disagrees with my world view, especially snowflakes!” — Guy who is 100% not a snowflake.


Amen, Amen, Amen!

Mark fitchett

100% support, I’ll buy my gas there if I have to drive 50km out of my way to do so

Mel Anderson

they get all the business myself and everyone I know can give them from this post on… bravo!!

barry sheehy

Good for you.


Comrad Trudeau . That will be his new name. We have family that fled from this regime. Things will be taken away, bit by bit.

Rod De Marco

the whole country should have bumper stickers, window dressings, lawn signs…then he’ll get “what canadians really want” and while we’re at it lets have the word honorable” removed from their title…they know we know they don’t deserve it


Spencer, would it be possible to use a comments section that would allow editable comments, grading comment other by commenters, and the ability to edit ones comments. Disqus comes to mind. You provide a site that gives viewers good insight as to the problems facing Canada and a forum to discuss them would be beneficial.


Same thing happened in Australia a few years back with incoming PM Julia Gillard: “There will be no carbon tax under the gov’t I lead”; and what happened? There was carbon tax. She didn’t last long after that.

Isaac Brock

Reminds me of Pierre Elliott T. who said”elect me and there will be no wage & price controls “,guess what happened after he was elected!