SOCIALIST SUCCESS: Despite Massive Oil Reserves, Venezuela Is Running Out Of Gasoline

Who needs gasoline comrade? Surely the glorious strength of the socialist cause is fuel enough for all endeavors!

Despite having the largest proven oil reserves on earth, socialist Venezuela is running out of gasoline:

“Gentlemen: There is no more gasoline in Venezuela. In Venezuela, we are out of gas. In Venezuela, there is no gas oil. In Venezuela, there are no lube oils,” said Iván Freites in a televised press conference. Freites is the secretary of the professional and technician division of the United Federation of Venezuelan Petroleum Workers.”

This is amazingly similar to the joke about how a desert would run out of sand if it was run by socialists.

It takes a truly shocking level of incompetence, and a truly terrible ideology to run out of gasoline in a country with such gigantic oil reserves.

Of course, among the few who still have gasoline are the governing elites, who never seem willing to make the same “sacrifices” they demand of the people on behalf of socialism.

With 80% of Venezuela’s refineries shuttered due to mismanagement and corruption, there simply isn’t close to enough supply to meet the demand:

 “Only Amuay and Cardón refineries are operative and that is nothing. They produce 40,000 barrels per day and the national demand is over 200,000 barrels of gas per day,” said Freites.

As noted by, Freites totally shot down the misleading rhetoric being pushed by the socialist regime:

“He blamed corrupt government officials for the fuel crisis and dismissed the theory that it is all due to the sanctions that Donald Trump imposed on some key figures in the Venezuelan cabinet.”

Venezuela was already collapsing due to a horribly corrupt socialist regime that was steadily eroding personal & economic freedom, punishing government critics, suppressing the opposition, and concentrating the country’s dwindling wealth in the hands of a few government elites.

Aside from running out of gasoline, the country has severe food shortages, a lack of toilet paper, an absence of medicine, and a totally devalued currency – in a nation that should be incredibly rich.

It’s yet another brutal example that socialism simply doesn’t work.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

and this is what imam trudeau is doing to canada


Similar to what happened under soviet Russia. No incentive to be productive under a socialist regime. A segment of the working soviet population (e.g., engineers) who resented the communists sabotaged the means of production to try and bring down the government. It didn’t work as many of the counter revolutionaries were shot and/or sent to the Gulag.

The Gulag Archipelago is a good read and reminder of the failings and horrors of a socialist/communist regime.


This sounds like just the kind of Canada we can look forward to if that pos Trudeau and his gang of incompetents aren’t tossed out at least by the next election.


At least India and China will have cleaner air when the Member from Papineau, his NCCM control cartel and the NDP environmental jihadists destroy the Canadian economy.


Out of gas0line. Give IQ80 a second term and that will be us.

Miles Lunn

Exactly, socialism doesn’t work as it flies in the face of economics and how humans function. We work and are productive based on incentives and economy is determined by supply and demand which is not something central planners can figure out without market signals. Yet it seems no matter how many failures, many keep making excuses why somehow it can work. The reality is socialism is a failed ideology that never has worked and never will work.


Another Canadian company sold to China. “The Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved a $1.5 billion takeover of Aecon by CCCC International Holding Ltd. CCCC is the overseas financing arm of China Communications Construction Co. Ltd., a state-owned, publicly traded construction company headquartered in Beijing.” Given this trend, all major Canadian companies will be foreign owned over the next decades, and some or many by communist regimes. “The Trudeau Government has already approved, in the past year alone, three Chinese takeovers of Canadian enterprises. At least one of those deals has more national-security implications than the Aecon transaction.”… Read more »