WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY: Trudeau Government Still Planning Deeper Ties With Iran’s Islamist Dictatorship

The Trudeau government shows that their rhetoric about human rights and human dignity is empty as they continue seeking deeper ties with Iran’s brutal dictatorship, even as the Iranian people fight for freedom.

The Trudeau government is putting themselves firmly on the wrong side of history by refusing to rethink their terrible move to deepen Canada’s ties to Iran’s theocratic Islamic dictatorship.

As noted by the CP, “A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland indicated Tuesday that Canada is not contemplating ending talks with Iran, despite being “deeply troubled” by the deaths of at least 21 protesters and the arrests of hundreds more. “Canada will continue to engage with Iran on terms that we set, as it remains an effective tool to hold Iran to account, promote human rights and advance our consular interests,” Adam Austen said in a statement.”

Of course, we know that the Trudeau government isn’t doing anything to hold Iran accountable.

Instead, the government is seeking to “restore” diplomatic relations with the regime, even though restoring relations sends a message that the Trudeau government accepts the legitimacy of the Iranian regime, which is the worst possible message to send at this point.

The Iranian people are fighting for freedom against a ruthless Islamic theocracy that hijacked their revolution, and replaced a secular dictatorship with an Islamist dictatorship.

As Iranians struggle under a brutal and repressive regime, the regime sends billions to terrorist groups around the world, while poverty and economic strife plagues the country.

Considering that the way the Iranian government treats their own people goes against everything we believe as Canadians, the fact that the Trudeau government is still planning to restore diplomatic ties is an insult to the values of our country.

It’s also an insult to the Iranian people fighting for basic freedom and human dignity.

By refusing to stand with the Iranian people and showing pathetic weakness towards an undeserving regime, the Trudeau government has put themselves on the wrong side of history.

Spencer Fernando

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chris malmstrom

The so called “government” under (his name is so repulsive to Canada, I can’t say it, but you know of whom I speak) is highly supportive of communism and an ally of modern day terrorists to the point where he gives millions of tax dollars (NOT his dollars) to CONVICTED terrorists, and other terrorists receive citizenship or are allowed to retain citizenship. He has NO Canadian values and does NOT act on behalf of true Canadians … in my opinion, he’s an enemy of the state and a joke and embarrassment to Canada on the world stage. The people of… Read more »


Well said Chris Malmstrom


Great comment Chris and couldn’t agree more.


I agree wholeheartedly….worsrt thing ever to happen in and to Canada.

alan skelhorne

simply put, one dictator to another, wasn,t that simple.

Colin N

What you, Andrew Scheer and Donald Trump have yet to learn is “ don’t anger Ayatolla Khomeini”
If you do, you wil further endanger the lives of protestors who will be labelled as foreign intruders and harshly punished.

tTommy Hawk


tTommy Hawk

With his treasonous mentality and the fact that his brother, Sasha, is in bed with the Iranian regime, this seems to him to be an opportune time to gain more spotlights on his existence. There is no intelligent reason or reasoning behind such a decision and perhaps the most embarrassing thing about it is that his back benchers just sit there, looking like the blank fools they are and they, too, forget that the first and foremost responsibility of every government is the protection and well being of those citizens who pay them and are directly affected by every move… Read more »

Alan Burley

Colin N, We Are All Supposed To Say Nothing And Ignore Human Rights Violations.
They Are Going To Die, At Least They Choose Death By Traitorous Government Then By Hunger


Praying for the people of Iran and their protection! Embarrassed and disgusted by the Canadian government’s response!

Iran is the biggest supporter of Terrorism. Figures that Mr. Trudeau would side with this dictatorship. The left uses Islam to bring Sharia law to Western nations, strip the citizens of their freedoms through Sharia, and, then the Liberal, Global governments will bring in their own totalitarian agenda and NWO. This is the reason the the left loves/supports Islam!

Clive Edwards

I”lol take British Common Law any day over Sharia Law, or any religious Law for that matter. That includes the unjust bag of Law we have in Canada. Sharia banking, however is a different animal. The Rothschilds could not have created Israel without the wealth and power of compound interest. Globalism is the ultimate enemy. Without global banks, the rest of corporate globalism would be on shaky ground.


Just remember what country Trudeautarian idolizes most, “China b/c of its basic dictatorship”. Then add the FACT that The Dauphin and his Libtard buddies handed an ADMITTED CONVICTED TERRORIST $10.5 MILLION and met PRIVATELY w/ Khadr’s ex brother in law who was kidnapped in Afghanistan when he took his wife who was 7 months pregnant backpacking (cuz that’s a normal thing to do when ur pregnant) and is now up on 15 CHARGES! Everyone is trying to guess how much $money$ Trulander will donate to him. This gov is openly committing treason by donating millions to Khadr, allowing KNOWN isis… Read more »