ENTITLEMENT: Taxpayers Forced To Spend Over $670,000 On Sajjan’s Flights

It seems Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has developed a taste for taxpayer-funded travel, far exceeding other Ministers in his use of government aircraft.

And while the logical guess is that Sajjan need to fly on government (military) planes to visit dangerous areas overseas, it turns out that’s not the case. Instead, much of his travel costs were on flights within Canada and to and from safe countries.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “Flight logs for 2016 and the first five months of 2017 show Mr. Sajjan took 20 trips on Challenger aircraft from January, 2016, to May, 2017, at cost of $670,692. These flights comprised more than 206 hours of flying time. These are not flights in which the Defence Minister was merely a passenger, but ones where he is listed as the requisitioning minister.”

The true cost is even worse, as the report notes that the $670,692 figure doesn’t include the cost of flying the planes or paying the pilots.

When included, those costs reach the staggering figure of $3 million.

This comes at the same time as the government is buying cheap, used Australian fighter jets to ‘replace’ the decrepit CF-18s. In Trudeau’s Ottawa, it seems that quality flights are only for the ministerial elite.

NDP ethics critic Nathan Cullen made a similar point, telling the Globe & Mail, “He is taking the jets because he wants to take the jets because he doesn’t want the hassle of mixing with ordinary people. We are not able to provide our troops with the proper equipment and this will be pretty offensive to a lot of our men and women in uniform.”

Of note, other Ministers such as Chrystia Freeland – who often travels internationally – did not once use government aircraft to travel according to the time examined in the latest records.

This only magnifies how outrageous Sajjan’s repeated use of taxpayer-funded aircraft has become:

“In February, 2017, Mr. Sajjan was the lone passenger on a Challenger jet flying from Ottawa to Washington and then on to his home in Vancouver. The cost: $36,605.”

Also, “On one occasion in December, 2016, Mr. Sajjan opted to fly from Ottawa to the Trenton, Ont., military base rather than drive about 2 1/2 hours in his government limousine. The cost of flying to Trenton was $6,358.”

That is an insane level of entitlement. Even the limo we taxpayers are paying for isn’t enough for him.

Sajjan also used the taxpayer-funded jets to travel to countries like Germany and Denmark, despite far cheaper commercial flights being easily available.

Trudeau won’t do anything about it

The right thing to do would be for Trudeau to demand that Sajjan pay at least some of the money back, and pledge to use commercial flights from now on unless visiting military installations. Even better would be to shuffle Sajjan out of the defence minister post to send a very clear message.

Of course, Trudeau has shown himself to be the most entitled person in the government, especially considering he was the first PM in history to be found in violation of a federal statute after his Aga Khan private island trip.

So, it’s almost certain that Trudeau will take no action.

That leaves it up to the Canadian people, who need to send a message in 2019 that this entitlement won’t be accepted any longer.

Our country, and the Canadian taxpayers who keep our country running, deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sandra Clark

Absolutely incredible. It’s amazing how the the Liberals are pushing the carbon tax and wants everyone to cut back on emissions and yet, they’re in that jet every chance they get. Hypocritical. How does Sajjan justify being the only “passenger” on that jet at the cost of over $36 thousand for one trip? Seems he’s using the jet as his private taxi. These politicians really have entitlement issues. Everyone should be outraged over this extravagant spending. This is getting more and more infuriating, the way this government is using our tax dollars by using it on themselves.


A sure indication of fearless arrogance/irresponsibility is when one continues the shameful trend IN SPITE of being denounced over and over again …..


This is all so disheartening. I feel hopeless about our country’s direction.


Ok do you think under Harper his cabinet would be this frivolous with spending, it’s not bad enough his salary would pay for golden turbans but he wants to fly all over o personal flights at our expense?, why are we doing nothing about this

Chris vrecko

I am so angry, so fed up I can’tell even think think straight.

Leona Sterne

wow this really pisses me off .He should by all means pay it back .just who in hell does he think he is. Trudeau Get a gripe on your ministers .


He said it wasn’t him, it was someone that looked like him. He was in Afganistan planning another attack on the Taliban.
He is a decorated 3 star General you know, well that’s what he told me. He also told me that he’s Santa and the tooth fairy and he can see into the future. He said the future he will not be flying as much…Promise.

Walter K

I don’t really know how much the Minister of Defence should use the plane – so let’s compare to the Harper era. Peter MacKay was widely criticized by the opposition and press for his use of plane. It worked out to 9 trips (or 63 hours) per year. Sajan has used it at a pace of 14 trips (145 hours) per years. This means Sajan has been using the jet about twice as much as MacKay was (63% based on number of trips, 133% based on hours). It the press twice as outraged now as they were before. That is… Read more »


The answer is yes. The reason why is because they are all funded by governments with their globalist agenda BBC. I’m sorry to say (because my mother country is England) is one if the one of the worst. I believe prayer will help if enough of us are praying. I’m not pushing religion but with the way the world is going it wouldn’t hurt to try.