Joshua Boyle Appears In Court Facing 15 Charges, Remains In Custody

According to court records, there are two alleged victims.

Joshua Boyle – a former hostage in Afghanistan/Pakistan and a former guest in Justin Trudeau’s office – appeared in court today, facing 15 charges.

The charges are below:

One count of uttering threats, two counts of sexual assault, eight counts of assault, one count of public mischief – misleading a police officer into thinking that a person was suicidal, causing the police officer to start an investigation, and diverting attention from Boyle, and one count of administering a noxious substance – Trazodone (an anti-depressant).

According to court records, there are two alleged victims. Their names are protected by a publication ban.

The charges have not been proven in court.

Boyle’s next court hearing will take place on Monday, and he remains in custody.

Trudeau facing growing questions about meeting with Boyle

Trudeau Boyle Family Meeting

As the charges against Boyle were reported, Justin Trudeau is facing more questions from Canadians about why he met with Boyle, what they discussed behind closed doors, and what the Boyle Twitter account meant when they said there was a previous meeting over “common interests.”

Additionally, when we consider the timeline in which the alleged crimes took place (October 14-December 30) there are serious questions about why Boyle was even granted clearance in the first place.

Finally, the fact that Boyle was so connected to the Khadr family should have stopped any meeting in its tracks.

Once again, Trudeau shows a horrendous and disturbing lack of judgement.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter