PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Wasting Our Taxpayer Money To Build Road In Jordan

And they don’t even know how much it will cost.

The Trudeau government is wasting more of our money on projects in other countries.

As noted by the Ottawa Citizen, “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan recently announced that Canada would support the construction and “rehabilitation” of a road along Jordan’s northern border with Syria. The project will contribute to the security and stability of Jordan by allowing the Jordanian Armed Forces to better respond to threats along the border, according to the Department of National Defence.”

First of all, this money shouldn’t be leaving our country. Jordan’s roads should be fixed by Jordan, and our taxpayer dollars should be used to fix our own country.

But it gets even worse.

The Trudeau government doesn’t know how much the road will cost.

“How much will this cost Canadian taxpayers? Who knows? DND says it doesn’t. “We are in the process of completing a detailed review of the road project, but have indicated our intent to the Jordanian Armed Forces to financially support their efforts to build and rehabilitate the road,” the DND noted in a statement. “We will announce the details of our contribution once the review is complete.”‘

So, the government committed to spending OUR tax dollars on a project in a foreign country, without even knowing how much we would be spending.

That about sums up the contempt the Trudeau government has for Canadian taxpayers, as they clearly feel entitled to use our money however they see fit.

It’s disgraceful, and it’s a total waste.

We need to stop giving our money to other countries, and use it to help Canadians in need, especially our seniors, Veterans, and those living in third-world conditions on many reserves.

Unfortunately, Trudeau would rather win global praise for building roads overseas than serve our own citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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That money should stay in Canada to fix our economy, roads, Veterans, homeless. Why is Trudeau still walking around???



alan skelhorne

more proof that he is 100% anti-canadian.


Absolutely disgusting. Spencer, we need commentary on Andrew Scheer. He is not a household name and 2019 is fast approaching. Can you help get his name out there. He is saying sensible things especially especially compared to our low IQ (but photogenic) prime minister.

Kevin Shea

That’s a great point about Andrew Scheer and the one thing that I would say is this : When it comes to assessing the judgement of Scheer vs Trudeau, does anyone think that Andrew Scheer would have met with Joshua Boyle ? Does anyone think that Andrew Scheer would have chosen to just “repatriate” ‘ISIS friendly’ Canadians as they come back in to Canada from being abroad and supporting – fighting with ISIS ? Trudeau has demonstrated a COMPLETE LACK OF JUDGEMENT and I think Trudeau has lost the ‘moral authority’ to remain on as Canada’s PM. He is putting… Read more »


Trudeau is a crack head

Garth Krastel

You think he is photogenic?? He looks like a poor little waif who’s lost his way, and is way above his head in troubles.


The Iranian people are in the Streets protesting Government corruption, with Irans Military shooting them. Our opposition parties in the House of Commons are just an Echo. The Liberals have more sheep in their herd.
The Big Question is will the Police & Military stand with or against Canadian.

Tanya Gaw

Trudeau must go. Pray that he will be exposed for the traitor that he is and that he will be removed from office. Also pray that our next Prime Minister will not shy away from standing for ‘Canadian’ Values…the Judeo Christian values from which this country was built and the core to its success as a Nation.
No to multiculturalism without proper integration and assimilation.

chris malmstrom

i love you

Clive Edwards

I’ve been to Jordan. We need to copy the Jordanian tax system. Only imports and businesses are taxed. Business owners are expected to keep separate books for the taxman. It is a Muslim’s duty to look after destitute relatives and strangers, so the government can’t use that as an excuse to tax people. My sense was that most Jordanians were happier than Canadians.

Sandra Clark

Trudeau should be ashamed of himself. We don’t need to pay for a road in Jordan….we need to fix our own roads. Now he’s signing blank cheques to other countries? Incredible. What country does Justin Trudeau work for?


what are Conservative MPs saying? Is anyone saying anything? There are roads in Vancouver that are worse than Mexico………..with less maintance. I’m wondering how much graft Trudeau got deposited into his Trudeau Foundation for this “help”.

Maureen Henderson

How can we stop this insanity? I fear for the future of my country and how it will affect my grandchildren and my GG. I feel another two years with JT will be just too late. Why are the conservatives not being a little more forceful .Shear needs to,start now to,get out there and make himself known to more people and what his platform is.

Dale Evjen

Joining ‘Canadians First Movement’ on Facebook would be a start:


But he brought back the long census form. Sarcasm if anyone didn’t notice.


Justin T. is busy accumulating brownie points so he can get a seat on the Security Council. For some reason Liberals feel this is important.
It’s best if taxpayer’s money can be used to finance the project.


Turdoo liberals are giving an unknown sum of our tax dollars (could run into hundred of millions or perhaps billion) to construct a road along Jordan’s northern border with Syria. The report says: “Project will contribute to the security and stability of Jordan by allowing the Jordanian Armed Forces to better respond to threats along the border, according to the Department of National Defence.” Same turdoo has effectively erased OUR borders, and let hundred of thousands of criminals to cross over & claim asylum, while giving millions/billions to rich islamic countries to strengthen their borders. Is it making any sense?… Read more »


Trudeau is endangering our national security. He has a coveted agenda and is changing the landscape of our country on multi levels. Why did he meet with Boyle (terrorist connections) recently and in 2006? He is plainly dangerous.


So, how do we get a good Prime Minister before Election Day?


How many times now has the government given our tax dollars for roads in Jordan and other countries? We give and they keep blowing them up.

We need immediate attention to our Military, veterans, seniors, middle class Canadians and withdrawing from ALL UN Globalists agreements and closing and securing our borders.