PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Wasting Our Taxpayer Money To Build Road In Jordan

And they don’t even know how much it will cost.

The Trudeau government is wasting more of our money on projects in other countries.

As noted by the Ottawa Citizen, “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan recently announced that Canada would support the construction and “rehabilitation” of a road along Jordan’s northern border with Syria. The project will contribute to the security and stability of Jordan by allowing the Jordanian Armed Forces to better respond to threats along the border, according to the Department of National Defence.”

First of all, this money shouldn’t be leaving our country. Jordan’s roads should be fixed by Jordan, and our taxpayer dollars should be used to fix our own country.

But it gets even worse.

The Trudeau government doesn’t know how much the road will cost.

“How much will this cost Canadian taxpayers? Who knows? DND says it doesn’t. “We are in the process of completing a detailed review of the road project, but have indicated our intent to the Jordanian Armed Forces to financially support their efforts to build and rehabilitate the road,” the DND noted in a statement. “We will announce the details of our contribution once the review is complete.”‘

So, the government committed to spending OUR tax dollars on a project in a foreign country, without even knowing how much we would be spending.

That about sums up the contempt the Trudeau government has for Canadian taxpayers, as they clearly feel entitled to use our money however they see fit.

It’s disgraceful, and it’s a total waste.

We need to stop giving our money to other countries, and use it to help Canadians in need, especially our seniors, Veterans, and those living in third-world conditions on many reserves.

Unfortunately, Trudeau would rather win global praise for building roads overseas than serve our own citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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