SECRECY: Trudeau PMO Refusing To Tell Canadians What They Knew About Joshua Boyle

The Canadian people deserve answers.

The Prime Minister’s Office isn’t saying what they knew about Joshua Boyle prior to his meeting with Justin Trudeau.

This comes as it’s been revealed that Boyle’s alleged crimes took place between October 14 and December 30 – during the time when he met with Trudeau.

As reported by the National Post, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office won’t say if it was aware of any criminal investigation into former hostage Joshua Boyle before Trudeau held a private gathering with the family shortly before Christmas.”

The Trudeau government is desperately trying to spin the issue, saying that Trudeau would meet with anyone in a similar situation.

However, the Post notes the following:

“Though there are numerous cases of Canadian hostages being rescued over past two decades, there does not appear to be a recent example where former hostages were brought into the prime minister’s office for a meeting.”


“Howard Anglin, who worked as a senior aide in Harper’s office from 2013 to 2015, said that even aside from the question of whether a criminal investigation was underway, Boyle’s past would have ruled out any in-person meeting.”

What was discussed at the meeting?

Not only is it incredibly disturbing that the meeting took place, it’s also very disturbing that Canadians don’t know what was discussed.

The Trudeau government has a massive amount to answer for, yet they are refusing to tell Canadians what happened and how it happened.

Trudeau and the PMO are ignoring the fact that they are supposed to work for the Canadian people, and secrecy surrounding this matter is a huge problem.

Because of how the government is withholding info, Canadians are right to wonder how much else the Trudeau PMO isn’t telling us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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