Trudeau Thinks Western Civilization Is The Enemy

This explains why he is unwilling to criticize Islamist terrorism, bows down to China, and is so weak on dictatorships like Iran.

Despite the elites trying to hide this truth, Canada is a nation that is heavily based upon Western Civilization.

Our political system, legal system, even our economic system, is based upon a legacy passed down through history from what is now known as the Western World.

While imperfect in many ways, the Western World has made immense contributions to prosperity, freedom, and justice. It is certainly something to be proud of, and Canada should be proud of the history that made our great nation possible.

You would think that any leader of Canada – regardless of their party – would see Western Civilization as something to be defended and praised.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau doesn’t see it that way.

Instead, Justin Trudeau sees Western Civilization as the enemy.

It’s the same ideology we see on many university campuses, where every problem in the world is blamed on the West, while foreign civilizations and ideologies are praised endlessly as either better than the West, or are seen as ‘victims’ of the West.

This leads to a mindset that is opposed to our country and the ideas that give our country strength. Of course, if a leader doesn’t believe in the ideas of their own nation, they won’t be willing to defend the nation.

Justin Trudeau has said that Canada should become a ‘Post-National State,’ which would mean the elimination of any unifying Canadian identity based upon our national values.

Because he sees the Western World as a negative force, he submits to all other ideologies. Look at how he professed admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship,’ or his total inability to confront Islamist violence.

After a terror attack in Edmonton where an ISIS-inspired Islamist stabbed a police officer and tried to run over pedestrians, Justin Trudeau posted a photo about confronting white supremacy, while refusing to denounce Islamist terrorism.

His weakness on the Iran protests – continuing his terrible plan to deepen ties between Canada and the Iranian regime even as Iranians fight for their freedom – shows his disturbing unwillingness to defend Canada’s values and principles, or even acknowledge that those values exist in the first place.

As much as some may not want to believe it, we must acknowledge that it’s now beyond clear that Trudeau sees Western Civilization as the enemy, and is not willing to stand up for our country in any meaningful way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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