Because Of Aecon Takeover, China Will Profit From BC Hydro’s Site C Dam Project

CCCC – a company owned by the Chinese government – will have a 30% share in the project, and that means profits heading to Beijing instead of staying in Canada.

We are already seeing an early consequence of China being allowed to take the historic Canadian construction company Aecon.

According to BIV (Business In Vancouver), “Chinese investors stand to profit from the Site C dam project, thanks to a takeover of a Canadian company that leads a consortium tapped by BC Hydro as the preferred bidder on the dam’s spillway and generating station contract. With a 30% share, Aecon Group Inc. (TSX:ARE) leads the consortium that BC Hydro announced on December 21 would be the preferred bidder for the spillway and generating station contract, which is expected to be worth at least $1.2 billion.”

Because CCCC – the overseas face of state-owned China Communications Company Inc. – is taking over Aecon, some those profits will go to China, rather than staying within our country.

This is how allowing foreign takeovers of our Canadian companies slowly drains wealth out of our nation. If Aecon was kept in Canadian hands, there would be more money staying in the country.

Now, the money will head to Beijing, which is all the more egregious since it’s a public project of BC Hydro.

This is what the globalist elites want to see happen more and more: Our country taken apart piece by piece, almost imperceptibly, until one day there is almost nothing left.

Spencer Fernando

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Bruce Meyers

Way to go BC. Aren’t ya happy with your boy toy, Trudeau. He is selling you out along with the rest of the country. Soon you will be on your knees like Alberta and Ontario. Let’s just call you New Bejiing from now on. You have fallen prey to the globalist assault on Canada and the United States.

alan skelhorne

100% correct bruce meyers.


Perhaps that’s the reason commie NDP, who initially opposed the construction, gave green light for the dam. Their chinese overlords instructed them to do so.
This country has been sold for a song by our greedy corrupt politicians. It has gone to the dogs now.


The BC NDP campaigned partly on the promise to cancel Site C. Part way through the election Horgan modified his stand and said they would review it. Did Trudeau influence him with the intent of having the BC consumer pay off his Communist Chinese donors? Trudeau has refused to provide any backup or documents related to the review he claims to have made on foreign purchases over $1 billion. Was there even a review as required by law? I doubt it, as following Canadian law doesn’t concern the Liberals. Most of the Province voted Federal NDP and Green which means… Read more »

Ray Decorby

While some foreign investment is important and beneficial; too much from a power house like China is becoming a concern for sure. What is most alarming is we’re allowing investment from their government owned entities! Why have many empires over the last century invaded or interfered in other countries affairs? One significant reason ( many US examples ) is the economic and commercial interests they’ve accumulated in a particular country. Look out Canada…


This will mess up the” Kalergi” plan of one world leader, with five kinda regions the globalist like, I have read. I think it is really too late, our beloved Canada is sold out, unprotected and indebted too much to gain independence again or very close to this situation. I am sorry for all the refugees coming, that are hoping for riches and peaceful living. Canadians that did not respect what we had and want to protect it. We need a very strong leader for our people to get out of this mess, starting with open speech and new laws… Read more »


Everything that my great grand parents and grand parents sacrificed and worked so hard for was to make things better for the next generations. They sacrificed sweat and comfort by homesteading and breaking ground in eastern Alberta, enduring cold and isolation on the open prairie during the early part of the 20th century. My grandfather sacrificed more than anyone I knew well fighting in WWII. Now, Canada is now being sold to the highest foreign bidder. And people with no connection to or understanding of our history, do not seem to care one iota that our own land, our resources,… Read more »


Obviously, the government needs to put limits on foreign ownership of Canadian companies and assets. The larger picture is that we need a vision for this country that we (Canadians) can all get behind. Trudeau has no vision because he is merely a “ceremonial PM”. Tired of the platitudes from all party leaders. We need to take back our country and take each and everyone one of these politicians to task, regardless of party affiliation.

Norbert Kausen

Remember also that the Liberal government allowed Grouse Mountain to be sold to the Chinese, allowed senior care facilities in BC to be sold to the Chinese, allowing the Communist Party to get a foothold into Canada’s health Care system AND the Liberals attempted to circumvent the national security policies of inquiry and allow the sale of NORSAT, a highly sensitive, strategic high-tech company with contracts to our military allies… which has put Canada on the “cannot be trusted” list!