BACKLASH: Liberal MP Jowhari Ripped By Constituents For Calling Iranian Regime “Elected Government”

Iran has nothing even close to free and fair elections, and Liberal MP Majid Jowhari is facing a massive backlash in his riding, which is home to many Canadians of Iranian descent.

Liberal MP Majid Jowhari has generated tremendous anger in his riding of Richmond Hill by referring to the brutal Islamist Iranian regime as an “elected government.”

Jowhari made the comments after an official government statement. Here’s what he said:

“As our government is closely monitoring the ongoing protests in Iran; it is my sincere hope that the brave nation of #Iran have the opportunity to air their legitimate financial, social and political concerns with the support of their elected government, in a secure environment and without the fear of persecution.”

People are most angry about him calling Iran’s undemocratic regime an “elected government,” and for saying people were protesting with the “support” of that government.

Of course, in the world of reality, we know that Iran’s government is a dictatorship, and people are being killed by the government for protesting, not being “supported” by the regime.

Jowhari – who was born in Iran – represents the most heavily-Iranian riding in all of Canada. As noted in a recent report, many of his constituents are enraged:

“If I can put it in one word: disgusted,” says Richmond Hill realtor Hamid Gharajeh, who says Jowhari’s actions since his election have shocked his Iranian-Canadian constituents. “Ever since he’s been elected, all he’s been doing is trying to work with the existing government of Iran, and trying to get them involved in Canadian politics, inviting members of parliament of this so-called government that has not been elected by the Iranian people.”

The report also notes that many Canadians originally from Iran still live in fear of Iran’s efforts to punish people abroad, and hurt their families still living under the dictatorship.

Additionally, Jowhari has had “friendship” meetings with members of Iran’s undemocratic government, including the ruthless Iranian Revolutionary Guard – something that should never happen in Canada.

The fact that Jowhari is so ignorant of the true nature of Iran’s regime – or even worse is a possible supporter of that regime – is a huge concern, and he is clearly unfit to serve in office in Canada’s Parliament.

Many in the riding feel betrayed by Jowhari, with the report noting the following:

“Zandi says the community knew little about Jowhari’s politics when he won the Liberal nomination, and the Liberal wave that swept the GTA carried him into office. “It became more apparent where he stood after the election,” says Zandi. “There’s a great deal of disenchantment and anger against Mr Jowhari.”

Most disturbingly, Jowhari’s submissive attitude towards the Iranian regime fits with the horrible approach the Trudeau government has taken to dictatorships and radical Islamism.

Clearly, the Trudeau government believes in bowing down to brutal regimes and hateful ideologies, and this is putting both the values, and the security of the Canadian people at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Peter Black

A perfect example of the political truth- Never underestimate the power of a large group of ignorant and uninformed people(voters)

Sharon Maclise

I’m from Alberta – don’t we know that, after the last election. Mob madness is what we called it – and now we’re living the horrible, painful, result.


Given that Majid Jowhari was born in Iran he is still an Iranian citizen. The Iranian citizenship law does not recognize dual citizenship, but instead only recognizes Iranian citizenship. So, even though he is a Canadian citizen, in the eyes of the government of Iran he is an Iranian citizen who sits as an MP in Canada’s parliament. Unless he renounces his Iranian citizenship, he is in a conflict of interest.


Then there is Maryam Monsef who just can’t seem to remember where she was born.

Bruce Meyers

Jowhari is a Trudeau puppet. His constituents must understand that once elected, he represents Trudeau and not the people of Richmond Hill. Trudeau is a sympathizer of dictatorship and will take Canada down that path if re-elected.


One bright spot. This guy ought to be turfed in the next election unless of course ostrich syndrome is strongly prevalent in the riding.


2018 will be the year of truth revealed. The Liberal government fully exposed for all it’s corruption and anti-democratic, anti-Canadian believes! 2018 will be the year that the Liberal government collapses from within. This is just the beginning of their problems.

Chris vrecko

Let’s face it, the government of Canada is dirty. No amount of disinfectant or soap can clean it. It needs to be removed completely if we are to EVER have a chance of making our once beautiful honest Canada back to the Canada we know and love.

pamela kingwell

I agree!

Bob Gedde

Disgusting. The Liberals are nothing more than Political Prostitutes. Willing to hop in bed with anyone anywhere. They are morally and ethically bankrupt shills, not fit to even be in Canada ,let alone govern. Pray they are blocked from doing any more permanent damage before they are removed.

Jill Ward

and who in canada actually believes we have a democratically elected government with regard to the trudeau liberals?? Give your empty heads a shake if you honestly believe we canadians actually have democratic, open, honest , legal elections anymore because we don’t! Don’t even have to show your face, I.D., citizenship to vote here in canukistan. Anything and anyone can ‘Vote” here and as many times as you like if you have a name shared with millions of other non English speaking foreigners ,live in or related to many living in welfare housing so you can share the same addresses,… Read more »


Your so very right, If he gets his way it will, The only one that can stop him is the GOVERNOR GENERAL, Letters and lots of letter to her, She does not work for Trudeau she works for the Queen and the people and if she forgets she does, It will be a very sad reminder who she does work for.She may like, or Love Trudeau, She has her job to think of it is not a job you want to be kicked out of. And she can help if the letter does not stop going to her office or… Read more »

Old Patroit

Anyone who supports Shari’ah law should NOT be allowed to run for parliament period. This is Canada and only Canadian law applies.

pamela kingwell

I am with you!


Is he really a Canadian citizen? Citizenship and being a legal migrant seem to be low on Liberal priorities. This jerk is a typical Liberal. promise the world, lieing all the time, then do whatever they damn well please when in Office, giving Canadians the finger.


To actually BE a “Sovereign Nation”, we need to secure our borders (based on Canada’s best interests, not that of either other nations or individuals seeking entry, whether legally or not). Also, IF only citizens are allowed to vote, we need tighter laws concerning voter identification, proof of citizenship AND proof of residency, coupled with proof of identity. As a motorcycle rider, when I set foot inside a bank, I’m obligated to remove my helmet entirely, even though it’s a modular helmet. With the visor up, my face is clearly visible from the front, unlike the garb of some visible… Read more »

Eric neron

Heureux de voir que certains canadiens se réveillent au sujet de ce jeune parvenu au poste de premier ministre avec l argent de son père
Shame. Shame


We need to get these MP ‘s OUT, they should be following the wish of the ridings not the PM’s wishes!!

Norbert Kausen

It confirms just how dangerously delusional and inept the Liberal party REALLY is!!!