Canadians Must Be Shown The Transcript Of Trudeau’s Meeting With Joshua Boyle

What was said behind closed doors?

Justin Trudeau continues to face an escalating backlash for his meeting with Joshua Boyle in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The decision to meet with Boyle – who was once married to Omar Khadr’s sister Zaynab and who’s ‘hiking’ trip in Afghanistan has raised some doubts – was already controversial, even before it was revealed that Boyle was charged with numerous crimes.

Now, the Trudeau Government is refusing to tell Canadians what they knew about Joshua Boyle ahead of the meeting.

That is simply unacceptable.

When he meets with people, Justin Trudeau is doing so as the representative of Canada. He puts the image and reputation of our nation on the line with every action he takes, and therefore he must be accountable to the Canadian people.

After all, he promised the most “open & transparent” government ever, a promise he has clearly betrayed.

Canadians must be shown the transcripts of Trudeau’s meeting with Joshua Boyle

Clearly, many Canadians want to see the transcripts of the meeting, as shown in the Twitter poll below:

Additionally, the fact that Boyle claims he met with Trudeau in 2006 over “common interests,” adds to the imperative of Canadians needing to know what’s happening.

It’s an incredibly disturbing situation, and we deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

mr. prissypants in ottawa will just shrug his shoulders, whats the next question, afterall, he is above the law.

Dave Bainard

Who would be there to record their meeting? Any such recordings were probably heavily redacted and if Jr was questioned, the response would be his normal uhs and ahs mixed with a nonanswer.

Old Patroit

Justine probably asked him how much money would make the freak happy.

Chris vrecko

I have no words for this disgusting SOB we have to remove him, CANADIANS, COME ON, SPEAK UP THIS IS OUR COUNTRY


But they wont because their brainwashed by this SOB. Trudeau is on a mission and more than half the Canadians cannot see through their blinders. Trudeau wont stop until he has succeeded with his Globalist agenda. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Canadians will be sorry in the end. All for the legalisation of pot, nice hair and pink socks.

Ana Gomes

And shameless CBC likes to point to Trumps faults, real ,re-created and mostly false, as the whole of CBC is. Having the Crying Clown of the century as a Prime Minister, they use their air time to destroy Trump, who was elected by another country. I strongly resent having to pay for FAKE NEWS about Trump, and not being informed about the REAL NEWS AND DAILY SCANDALS AND ABUSES OF THE PRESENT CANADIAN incompetent and dangerous PM. TRUDEAUPHOBIA IS THE WORD OF THE DAY, but CBC keeps on hiding the truth. THEY EVEN SAY THAT THIS PM KEEPS ON GETTING… Read more »


Oo oh he’s traparent all right enough to show EXACTLY what he’s doing. Unfortunately canadians are accepting it I am praying that they will ACTUALLY SEE what damage he is doing because it’s going to be chaos WITH HIS AGENDA as you say Spencer disastrous if he gets back in as PM.