Elitist Trudeau Raises Taxes On All Canadians, While His Buddies Use Foreign Tax Havens

The “tax fairness” talking point by the Trudeau government has become a sad joke.

With the carbon tax going up every year, the Trudeau government is raising taxes on all Canadians over and over again.

Even in provinces that have held out on imposing the federal carbon tax hikes, the tax still impacts the cost of transportation, products, and more across the country, so nobody can fully escape the impact.

These Trudeau tax hikes are happening as household debt continues to rise, and as the economy is slowing down.

It’s the worst possible time to increase taxes, yet that’s exactly what the Trudeau government is doing.

And yet, at the very same time as all Canadians face Trudeau’s tax hikes, we know that many of the elites are using offshore tax havens, instead of paying taxes in Canada.

So, the idea of tax fairness has become a sad joke, as Trudeau has chosen instead to ignore tax havens used by his elitist buddies, and is going to keep extracting more revenue out of the rest of the Canadian people.

We also know that the carbon tax isn’t about the environment.

In fact, Canada is on pace to miss the environmental targets set by the government, showing that those targets were unrealistic and the carbon tax is only about money.

It’s another example of the Trudeau government deceiving Canadians while serving the elites at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

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