COWARDICE: Communist China Intimidating Canadian Activists, Even Threatening Lives Of Their Families, Yet Trudeau Remains Silent

The Trudeau government remains committed to turning us into a submissive colony of the ruthless Communist State.

An incredibly disturbing report reveals the extent to which the Communist Chinese government is seeking to threaten activists in Canada who criticize the regime.

As noted by the National Post, one activist in Ontario originally from China was subjected to threats while in China, including threats against his family:

“But when a quiet-spoken Chinese dissident travelled to the country of his birth last year, security officers shadowed him for weeks, booking hotel rooms next to his, even following him to breakfast. Before he left, they also had a disturbingly direct message: Stop condemning the Chinese government to Canadian media, or the family he had come to visit would face the consequences. “They said if this (critical) story comes out in the Canadian press, then you are responsible for the life of your relatives,” he recalls.”

Additionally, “According to a confidential report submitted to the federal government earlier this year — not yet released to the public — it’s just one example of a sweeping intimidation campaign by Chinese officials against activists here in Canada.”

Why hasn’t the Trudeau government released this report to the public?

Perhaps because it totally contradicts their effort to convince Canadians that the Communist Chinese government is kind and benevolent.

Also, since the government has had this report for months, why the hell haven’t the done anything about it?

Are they really willing to sell the soul of our country just for a “free trade” deal that will end up betraying our workers?

Disturbingly, “The threats also seem to be working. The report, which comes just as the Liberal government and business leaders strive for closer economic ties with China, notes a “significant chilling effect” on human-rights activism among Chinese-Canadians.”

So, China is now using threats do dictate what many Canadians are able to say, and is suppressing criticism of their country.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government – which should be publicly condemning China’s threats and interference and standing up for Canadians – is instead silent on the issue, giving their tacit approval to China’s brutal approach.

Apparently, politicians at all levels are being influenced, trying to silence the Falun Gong organization because of what China wants:

“Over the last decade or so, city councilors, mayors and other politicians have certainly tried to quash Falun Gong commemorative events or protests, often under pressure from local Chinese consulates. “

An attack on freedom in Canada

Keep in mind, this is in many ways an attack on freedom in Canada. After all, Canadian citizens are being threatened by a foreign power.

That foreign power happens to be a Communist authoritarian state which is opposed to the basic values of individualism, free speech, democracy, and the rule of law that we believe in as Canadians.

Yet, the pathetic cowards in the government and elitist class refuse to stand up for our nation or stand up for our citizens, which just makes our country look weak. That weakness invites further threats and attacks on our freedom.

That brings us to the disturbing situation we face today: Our nation is being quietly attacked by a foreign power, while our government does nothing about it.

Our “leaders” obviously don’t know, or don’t care to know, that freedom is always just one generation away from being lost, and they’re losing it as we speak.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well said Spencer. Now if the Liberals would just read your article , do some research and do something about it. This is very scary and dangerous news. Where is CBC and CTV. Do they think they are exempt from these threats or are all stupid.


“That foreign power happens to be a Communist authoritarian state which is opposed to the basic values of individualism, free speech, democracy, and the rule of law that we believe in as Canadians.” Funny but that statement seems to describe that nauseating dolt Trudeau, who “admires their basic dictatorship”. Honestly Spencer, even now I still can’t believe the sheer stupidity of Canadians who voted for Trudeau after what his equally disgusting father did to us already. Every time he opened his mouth during the election campaign, he proved that he wasn’t, nor ever will be ready to lead any country.… Read more »


Paul Martin says it best, openly admits take over.
Former Canadian Prime Minister Martin : Give Up Your Sovereignty To Make The World Work. Under 3 minute video.



“Our “leaders” obviously don’t know, or don’t care to know, that freedom is always just one generation away from being lost, and they’re losing it as we speak.” Our “leaders” on all levels, from the fake PM right down to our city councils, DO know and they don’t care. They even support foreign interference, pretending it is just harmless investment in Canada and Canadians. Chine doesn’t give a damn about Canada and Canadians other than how we can be used and manipulated. Trudeau recently approved the sale of Aecon, a huge Canadian construction company, to Communist China. Among other things,… Read more »


Trudeau is exhibiting symptoms of a gutless coward. Either that or it is borderline treason.
Either way he is NOT working in the best interests of Canada or Canadians. Two years to go before they are thrown out and it might take generations to recover from his damage. Possibly never. I feel sorry for Canadians under 50 as you will suffer because of Trudeau and his jihadist Liberals.

Clive Edwards

Commie Mao said political power comes from the barrel of a gun. And so it does.

Maryam McKinley

Chinese intimidation of Canadian activists is concerning in the extreme. ” The lessons from one country come to mind: Australia. Canberra opened its doors to FDI (foreign direct investment) from Chinese SOEs (state owned enterprises), and was able to dodge the global financial crises thanks to the commodity boom unleashed by the Chinese government’s $600 billion stimulus program. But what happened since then? Not only did the commodity bubble burst, but Australians have also awakened to China’s meddling in every aspect of their lives. As their domestic intelligence chief Duncan Lewis has warned, foreign interference in Australia represents “a threat… Read more »

Chris vrecko

Pathetic SOB. I am sorry for the language but this creep makes me so angry I can hardly contain the anger and want to smuck every person who voted for this monster.
I know I am repeating what has been said a million x’s but if we don’t remove him we are going to be worse the third world countries.