CRAZY: Liberal MP Equates Criticism Of “ISIS Reintegration” With White Supremacy

A total disgrace.

Recently, some Canadians in St. Catharines expressed their right to free expression and protested against the Trudeau government plan to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters.

Considering that polls show the vast majority of Canadians want ISIS fighters jailed or deported rather than let loose in our communities, those protesters were in line with the will of the Canadian people.

So, how did Liberal MP Chris Bittle respond?

Did he listen to their concerns?

Did he express his disagreement respectfully?

Did he show support for free expression?


He called them “white supremacists.”

Here’s what he said on Facebook:

“It is shocking to me that in 2018 white supremacists would stand up in public, in St Catharines, to promote their hateful, racist views. It happened, today, in front of our office on Geneva Street.  A few showed up and if their intent was to intimidate or shame me in some way, it’s done the opposite. I will continue to be a voice against hatred in our community. The Prime Minister often says, and I truly believe “we are strong because of our diversity, not in spite of it”. A big thank you to the Niagara AntiRacism Coalitionand Karrie Porter for organizing a counter protest at the last minute. They outnumbered the white supremacists and showed us what Niagara should truly stand for – an inclusive community, free of hate.”


Apparently, agreeing with a position held by the majority of Canadians is now “white supremacy.”

And when it comes to a community “free of hate,” Bittle apparently doesn’t realize that ISIS is the most hateful organization on the planet, and that it’s simply common-sense to want that hate kept out of our country and off our streets. 

Of course, this is the tactic of the Trudeau government. Declare that any criticism of radical Islam or ISIS is “hate speech,” and then use government power to silence that speech.

Here’s what Canadian Citizen Melanie Greenham posted on Facebook:

“To those that are mutual friends to my husband Dave Burns, he has been banned from facebook for 30 days for upsetting Liberal Chris Bittle M.P. by pointing out truthful facts and also for asking Chris Bittle to please not call him a white supremacist because Dave believes in lawful immigration instead of the ass backwards policy we have now of open borders, terrorists welcome.
Please direct your complaints to Mr. Bittle.”

So, a Canadian citizen who believes in protecting our country and following the law gets called a “white supremacist” by an MP who is supposed to be upholding the security of our nation and the integrity of our laws.


The attitude expressed by Bittle – if taken to its logical conclusion – is a threat to the free speech of the Canadian people. It shows a government willing to slander its own citizens rather than defend our nation from a dangerous ideology that threatens our lives.

It’s a disgrace, it’s crazy, and it’s shameful.

Canada deserves far better from those who presume to represent our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook