POLL: 89% Of Canadians Oppose MPs Being Allowed To Accept Free Trips

Common-sense makes it clear that people in a position of power can be influenced by favours given to them by those with an agenda.

A new survey by Nanos Research for the Globe & Mail reveals a near total consensus among Canadians on whether or not Members of Parliament should be allowed to accept gifts of free trips.

89% say it is “unacceptable or somewhat unacceptable.”

Said Nanos, “For average Canadians a free trip is a red flag that they believe is outright unacceptable.”

A report on the poll notes that the two top countries travelled to by MPs are Taiwan and Israel. China is third on the list, and we can expect to see them rise higher as they expand their attempt to co-opt Canadian politicians:

“Since 2007, travel records show parliamentarians have taken 36 trips to China, sponsored by arms of the Chinese government or Beijing-friendly business groups seeking closer ties and trade with the one-party state and world’s second-biggest economy.”

Despite being third on the list of travelled-to destinations, China creates the most concern for national security experts, with the report pointing out “Unlike Israel and Tawian, China has also been accused of spying, stealing Canadian technology and using coercion to silence critics of the regime on university campuses and elsewhere.”

Ban politicians from accepting foreign trips

The solution to this problem is easy. The government should pass legislation banning MPs from accepting free foreign trips. If they want to pay for it with their own money, that’s fine, but public servants must remains servants of the Canadian public only.

Allowing those in power to continue accepting free foreign trips will accelerate the decline of our national sovereignty, which is already picking up pace under the disloyal Trudeau government.

And, considering that Trudeau himself was found to be in violation of ethics rules for his Aga Khan island trip in the Bahamas, it would be shocking if the government did anything to crack down on the perks enjoyed by the political elites.

Spencer Fernando

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