BETRAYAL: Growing Number Of Canadian Veterans Organizations Slam Trudeau For Breaking Pension Promise

Trudeau took advantage of the trust many Patriotic Canadian Veterans put in him, using a promise to restore the pension for life to gain votes, and then betraying that promise once in power.

One of the few things Justin Trudeau said in the 2015 campaign that had near nationwide support was a plan to restore the pension for life for Canadian Veterans.

The New Veterans Charter introduced by Paul Martin and implemented by Stephen Harper – which replaced the old pension system – ended up being a total failure. It cut benefits for Veterans, and created two classes of Veterans, some who received good support in the past system, others who received far less in the new system.

The NVC became widely disliked, and more and more Canadian Veterans began demanding a return to the old system.

As outrage grew, Trudeau promised a return to the old system in his election campaign.

According to a recent report, “That promise raised expectations during the campaign, said Forbes, leaving many veterans who voted Liberal to feel “betrayed” by the new plan because it doesn’t measure up to the commitment.”

Now, over two years into his term, Justin Trudeau has betrayed the promise he made in 2015, to the new outrage of many across our country.

The National Council of Veterans Associations represents over 60 Canadian Veteran groups, and they have ripped the government for this betrayal.

As noted by CTV, “But while the government says its plan will provide disabled veterans with more compensation, the council said its analysis had found most injured ex-soldiers would not see any real benefit. That means the financial disparity between veterans injured before and after 2006 — the source of much anger for many veterans — will continue to persist, said council chairman Brian Forbes.”

Added Forbes, “I can’t find too many illustrations of anyone who comes close to what they would have received under the Pension Act, even with these new enhancements. So if you were injured in 2003 in Afghanistan as opposed to being injured in 2007 with the same disability, you have significantly different financial benefits. How is that acceptable? Same war, same conflict, different benefits.”

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: The plan proposed by the Liberals is a total betrayal of their promise. They said they would bring back pensions for life, yet their Pension Act doesn’t restore the previous system.

While the government can try to spin it however they want, who do they expect Canadians to believe: A government with a reputation for constant lies, or an organization that represents over 60 Veteran groups?

The answer is obvious.

Spencer Fernando

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My grampa never seemed too happy with the DVA. Put you through hell then leave you at the back door.


all veterans are not happy with trudeau’s broken promises ! ONE VETERAN ONE STANDARD ! and the Return of our LLDP, that is what he promised instead we got table scraps and a restricted lldp, that will in many cases reduce the veterans pension benefit. Red tape at the vac, and vrabc, serve lack of support for the caregivers who work so hard , the severe lack of taking the responsibility for mefloquine and the support for veteran’s relating to it. all broken promises !!!! no respect for veterans at all.

don morris

Why are there so many veteran’s groups? 60 veterans groups in a Country without conscription,and a standing military of less than 80,000 at any time,and they can’t organize ONE group to represent all veterans? This is a real weakness in their strategy to hold the government accountable,maybe they should get together at a conference and get this matter solved. I don’t understand why any person who served in the military would back the Liberals,unless they are from one of the elite families in the high ranking Officer corps, as the Liberals have traditionally shafted the military AND veterans. There were… Read more »


That’s some great points you make Don. The liberals typically have never supported the military and this particularly disgusting current “leader” has seemed to take this to a new level in dishonoring our veterans by rewarding convicted terrorists as well as welcoming back ISIS fighters instead of jailing them. So shameful.

Ron Allison

Have to agree Don. As a vet that is a pet peeve of mine…we just can’t get along with each other therefore we will forever be hard pressed to unify as one voice. For example, last week I watched a Facebook thread being contributed to by a number of vets who knew each other and actually had served in the same unit at the same time. The minute one party said something that another party disagreed with the thread descended into such vicious name calling and fighting that I thought I was in a schoolyard watching a bunch of boys… Read more »