RIGGED: Liberals Block Committee From Making Trudeau Testify On His Ethics Violations

A total lack of accountability.

Once again, the opposition parties and the Canadian people are being denied answers from the Trudeau government.

Conservative & NDP members on the Ethics Committee put forth a motion calling on Trudeau to testify before the committee, following his ethics violation.

The motion was worded as follows:

“That, the Committee invite the Prime Minister to discuss Commissioner Dawson’s findings in The Trudeau Report released by the Commissioner’s office on December 20, 2017, and that this meeting take place either on January 17 or January 18, 2018.”

Yet, instead of supporting accountability, the Trudeau Liberals on the committee voted against it. Since they have a majority on the committee, the motion was defeated. As a result, Trudeau won’t have to testify.

This denies the committee specifically set up for ethics from making Trudeau answer questions on his violation of ethics rules.

You would think that a government that loves talking about “openness and accountability” would be interested in getting answers from the first Prime Minister found to be in violation of ethics laws while in office, though we’ve learned long ago that accountability is an empty word to this government.

Its yet another of how the system is rigged in favour of those in power.

The punishments for violating ethics rules are shockingly weak, and those in government are held to a much weaker standard than most Canadians.

It’s a disgrace that our so-called “public servants” are so far removed from any meaningful consequences, and until that changes, we can expect a corrupt attitude to continue dominating the government.

Spencer Fernando

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Ben Eby

It is truly hard to believe that this Prime Minister, our Canadian leader, is acting in this manner. Those among us who read, listen to the news, get some facts and discuss politics with the intent of at least gaining a modicum of understanding, in regard to what our governments are up to, never saw this coming…..even from a witless sort like Trudeau. This is banana republic stuff at best. The onus is on you eastern Canadians to clean up this government….this is your boy….it’s your mess to enjoy, or discard.


i am surprised that truduh! is still our “dear leader”

Edward Roger Peebles

Who ever thought that he would comment ?


Trudeau has a very bad case of “affluenza “. Look it up…We can thank his parents for that.

Bill Baerg

I dislike your Headline. It is misleading.
Bill Baerg: Gloria, they are all back-benchers! They are all probably pretty stupid, too. Who knows? Maybe Nathan Cullen MP was lying, if so it’s a pretty convincing charade.
He is charged with nothing. The Commissioner found him guilty of contravening ethics rules. That is NOT breaking the law.
If the RCMP investigate and lay charges, that will be a whole different matter. … I’m not holding my breath.