Trudeau’s Refusal To Close The Safe Third Country Loophole Encourages More Illegal Border Crossings

A key responsibility of any national leader is to defend the integrity of Canada’s borders and immigration system. Trudeau has consistently failed in that responsibility.

With the U.S. announcing that temporary residency status for 200,000 people from El Salvador will not be renewed, Canada faces the prospect of a new surge of illegal border crossings.

This is an entirely predictable problem, because the Trudeau government refuses to close the safe third country loophole, and is thus encouraging illegal border crossings and disrespect for our border.

The loophole refers to the fact that when someone is in a safe country and wants to apply for refugee status, they must do so in the safe country the first entered. So, anybody in the U.S. is deemed to be in a safe country, and therefore cannot apply for refugee status at official Canadian border crossings.

However, due to an absurd loophole, individuals who purposely avoid official border crossings and cross into Canada illegally can apply for asylum.

Obviously, this creates a massive incentive to make illegal crossings, and it turns our border into a joke.

That’s why Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel called on the Trudeau government to close the loophole:

“Instead of turning a blind eye to today’s announcement by the U.S., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be standing up to President Trump and protecting Canada’s immigration system by closing the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement,” said Rempel.

While that may take time, the interim solution is obvious: The government can achieve something equivalent to closing the loophole with clear direction that any illegal crossing will result in deportation to the country in which that individual holds citizenship. 

That would make it clear that Canada is not going accept illegal crossings, and would reduce the incentive for people to cross illegally, which could save lives by preventing people from coming across the border in the cold weather.

After all, the weakness of our border currently stems from the psychological impression (encouraged by Trudeau), that it’s easy to get into Canada illegally. Remove that impression, and the problem is solved.

Yet, Trudeau would rather get fawning coverage in the globalist press than actually stand up for our border, and as a result, there is a strong likelihood that Canada will face more illegal crossings. This would add to the stress on our border services, raise national security concerns, stretch our already weakening social programs, and cost Canadian taxpayers.

All of this would come at the expense of effort and services that should be devoted to Canadian citizens – who Trudeau clearly doesn’t believe he works for.

This disloyalty to the interests of our country and the flagrant lack of respect for our national borders demonstrates beyond doubt that our so-called “leaders” have no sense of duty to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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