VIDEO: Trudeau Asked How He Feels About Being First PM “Found Guilty Of A Federal Crime”

He inexplicably said it shows “the system works.”

Apparently, Justin Trudeau thinks being the first PM found guilty of violating a federal statute while in office shows that the system is working.


That was Trudeau’s pathetic answer to an unexpected question from a Canadian at a town hall event.

He was asked what it felt like to be the first PM “found guilty of a federal crime.”

Watch the moment below:

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Trudeau tried to deflect by asking “what crime,” as if he didn’t know exactly what the questioner was talking about.

Yet, she pressed on, and made sure he didn’t get away with totally avoiding the question.

Of course, he didn’t really answer it, and to say that his ethics violation shows the “system works,” is an absolute fraud of an response.

The system let Trudeau break the ethics laws, and then face a maximum punishment of a minuscule $500 fine – which wasn’t even applied in his case.

Canadians know the truth about the system: It’s rigged, it’s broken, and it’s corrupt, and Trudeau has no intention of changing that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter