VIDEO: Trudeau Asked How He Feels About Being First PM “Found Guilty Of A Federal Crime”

He inexplicably said it shows “the system works.”

Apparently, Justin Trudeau thinks being the first PM found guilty of violating a federal statute while in office shows that the system is working.


That was Trudeau’s pathetic answer to an unexpected question from a Canadian at a town hall event.

He was asked what it felt like to be the first PM “found guilty of a federal crime.”

Watch the moment below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Trudeau tried to deflect by asking “what crime,” as if he didn’t know exactly what the questioner was talking about.

Yet, she pressed on, and made sure he didn’t get away with totally avoiding the question.

Of course, he didn’t really answer it, and to say that his ethics violation shows the “system works,” is an absolute fraud of an response.

The system let Trudeau break the ethics laws, and then face a maximum punishment of a minuscule $500 fine – which wasn’t even applied in his case.

Canadians know the truth about the system: It’s rigged, it’s broken, and it’s corrupt, and Trudeau has no intention of changing that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Lisa Deschamps

what a fool he is, soon you’ll be gone, there is not enough time for you to preach now… hahaha waves…see ya


Corruption never takes responsibility even when found out long after the crimes were caught this corruption must end and Canadians must demand better and heaven help us if those following the mania do not wake up to see the light! O CANADA STRONG AND FREE OF THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT .


This ethics issue isn’t going go go away quickly


*go go –> to go


He’s one corupt SOB! VOTE this criminals OUT!


And after Trudeau answered the question with much more respect and dignity than he was shown by the women who asked it, and certainly more than she deserved, she gave him the thumbs-up and then promptly high-tailed it out of there moments later with her friend. Classic tuck and run!

H. Kruger

Respect and dignity? Is that what we get from a PM who is guilty of Ethics violations? This is a town hall meeting were you are supposed to be held accountable for your actions not show and tell. Buddy give your head a shake!!!


Respect and dignity? What did you watch? His non answer was pathetic and he refused to admit guilt! She asked a question worthy of how little respect the man deserves.


James, a Turdo supporter?!?! Save some of your weed for the weekend there Buzz,,,
Your high,,, WAY too HIGH….. If you can’t see what a pathetic excuse for a prime minister he is, you need to lower the dosage! Quickly… you could wind up with permanent brain damage!!!!!!!!!
The reason she left right away is probably because she had reached her limit of nauseating Turdo speech and couldn’t control her gag reflex any longer,,, I personally keep a bucket close whenever I decide to torture myself with a Turdo speech,,, just sayin.

mitch dineen

I still cannot watch the video. what a shock. prince precious asked a tough question and the video does not play.

Diana Barron

Now that Turdo’s been found guilty by the Ethics Commision of a Federal Crime we can move forward with his removal. I’m inquiring what the next step in the procedure is to accomplish it. He is guilty of much treasonous behaviour as we know but now he’s crossed the line into Federal Criminal acts of betrayal.

A.A Burley

Uhhhhh, Let Me Guess, LIBERAL


no, the system does not work… if it worked truduh! would be kicked out.


He’s arrogant just like his father was! He never answered the question, talking about moving forward. What a jackass! He never has been held accountable for him believing and acting like ‘the rules’ don’t cover him and he’s above “the rules and us the people”. He flat-out will not answer a straight question to anyone! He twists it up and says many meaningless words to have you think he answered what he asked. Gosh 2019 Election can’t come fast enough to dump this air-head!


I meant that he twists it up and says many meaningless words to have you think he answered what he WAS asked ….

bob kelly

justin never answered the question, in regards to khan’s so called charity, justin had not seen khan in 30 years, gave out our tax dollars 30 million to khan who does not report to anyone on where the $ goes. What about our vets who need more facilities for their health, why doesn t some one look up all the $ justin has given out to organization that have muslin terror links

Diana Barron

He meant the system works for HIM. Unlike the rest of us the rules and Laws don’t apply to him so it works.


Imagine how entrenched he is in deceit , pure and simple, when his rehearsed answer is THE SYSTEM WORKS. an honest man ‘s reaction would be to be humble in the face of the OBVIOUS…



don morris

This,again,was standard operating procedure by Trudeau,and once again,he got away with not answering the question. The Opposition should have the sense to place a well spoken, well versed person in a TH meeting such as this one,and have that person question Trudeau in such a way that he is made to look foolish by his obfuscation. “Mr.Trudeau,the ethics commissioner denied your claim that the Aga Khan was a personal friend,and said that you had only met him once in the last 30 years,at your Father’s funeral. In view of that finding,and the fact that you are the first PM in… Read more »


This fraud thinks he is fooling the Canadian people. He is not! He is guilty of all kinds of wrongdoing & lies about it all. Always claiming that the “Canadian people want him to do such & such”. He lies so much it’s a wonder he doesn’t lie about what day it is. And the rolled up sleeve BS has to go!! Obama Jr. is not charming! Nor is he intelligent. He is just a smart ass!


If the “system” worked, that pos would have been lead away in handcuffs long ago, and his equally arrogant and disgusting father wouldn’t have had an airport named after him; if anything an outhouse.