How Can The Government Justify Foreign Aid While Many Of Our Citizens Are Homeless?

We need to take care of home first.

As we all know, there are many homeless Canadian citizens.

A growing number of those in the homeless population are Canadian Veterans.

Yet, even as many Canadians are suffering, the government somehow manages to spend money on foreign aid – including giving money to the nation of Jordan to build roads for their military.

This brings an essential question to mind: How the hell can the government justify giving money to foreign countries when our own people are suffering?

It’s something I’ve brought up before, and will continue bringing up, because it’s a sign of how stifled political debate has become in this country that the idea of ending foreign aid and redirecting that money toward helping Canadians doesn’t even get brought up by the main political parties.

After all, why should taxpayers money go towards foreign countries? How can we justify sending billions of dollars beyond our borders when so many our own citizens – who the government is supposed to serve – need help?

Think of how much help Canadian Veterans, homeless Canadians, and Canadians living in poverty could get from the $5-$10 Billion the government gives away to foreign countries every year.

It’s time we start making this something that gets discussed and debated. We need to demand that taxpayers money stays in Canada and goes towards helping Canadians.

We must pay heed to the common-sense wisdom that says “take care of home first.”

Spencer Fernando

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