Guy With Personal Security Detail Tells Canadians Not To Worry About Returning ISIS Fighters

Man who will never live near any returning terrorists says there’s nothing to worry about.

During a recent town hall, a man with his own security detail and dozens – if not hundreds – of people working round the clock to keep him safe, told Canadians there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to returning ISIS fighters.

“On the issues of foreign travellers, I take advice from our intelligence agencies and our security agencies who are very, very alert to the challenges of returning … from the Middle East,”said the man who has part of an entire government department devoted to his security.

Interestingly, the man failed to mention that his own public safety minister expressed doubts about the so-called ISIS “reintegration” plan that was so highly touted by the son of a former PM.

Added the man who has lived in elitist neighbourhoods throughout his life and will never be close to any returning ISIS fighters, “We are very alert and responsible for keeping Canadians safe, keeping our communities safe. It’s something we will never compromise on. I can assure you, sir, you are very safe here in this room right now.”

Many have pointed out that the man is immune from the same threats facing Canadians, as we are expected to “welcome” former terrorists into our neighbourhoods, while he and the elites live in communities far removed from the danger.

At press time, many realized that it’s easy to tell other people not to worry about something when you don’t face that same concern yourself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Hilarious to tell the guy he’s very safe in this room right now, as this bobble head is being guarded at that very moment…something none of us will ever have. Unfortunately someone will be maimed or killed at the hands of one of these no doubt “misunderstood” returning ISIS fighters; hopefully Trudeau will be held personally responsible.


Trudeau has aLOT of Nerve telling Canadians that there is Nothing to Worry About with Returning ISIS Fighters, who he refers to as “Foreign Travelers”. This Lying Traitor lives the life of the “Elite” with Security Protecting him and his “Elite Family”, and will NEVER have a Returning ISIS Fighter Living Anywhere near him. He lives in a “Fairy Tale World” and has been trying to Convince Canadians that these “Returning Travelers” will be Rehabilitated? How Stupid and Naive does he think that Canadians are? The MAJORITY of Canadians do NOT want these Terrorists in Canada. We want them GONE!… Read more »


The Criminals should be held and then tried in court.Nothing else is logical.

Don Leclair

The Majority of the voting public let him in and unless we get more people to vote it will happen again.

Rick Bourget

What a fool. You are safe in this room right now. That is about as far as he can think. 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide….estimates say 15 to 25% are radical Islamists bent on destroying the West and world domination. That’s 180 to 300 million terrists on the loose…about the population of the USA. They attack from inside countries. Uniform is civilian dress for men. They rule an iron fist over the peaceful majority of Muslims. Punishment is death if you don’t live by Sharia Law. The jihadists will never leave us alone. Who is the head of the peaceful majority… Read more »


How the f..k does anyone even consider Justin Trudeau, a sane , even somewhat proper leader. He is out to lunch, in his make believe world, 24/7.
Why even consider such a risk?
Never mind the mess he has put us through, this is simply mind numbing .
He does not deserve 1 single vote, but as we know, he is changing laws, to bump up his vote possibility.


JIHADI TRUDEAU has his reporters as his ‘human shields’ protecting him from ISIS as if Isis doesn’t know by now ‘jihadi Justin is on their side than he is on our side. I asked each liberal Justin media to take in isis into their own homes for the love of Justin or better yet, Justin can order each of his reporters to take in a few illegals into their own homes ; to clothe them; feed them; educate them. Whatever jihadi Justin tells his reporters to do will be done in a heartbeat. Bottom line is that Canadians were too… Read more »


I wrote an “unpolitically-correct” letter to the Prime Minister, his Immigration Minister and Ralph Goodale on their insane plan to allow ISIS fighters to even return back to Canada and “deradicalize & reintegrate” them. I strongly recommended that if he wanted to be a damn fool, to invite them all to come live in his basement and those of his fellow Liberal MP’s.

Sally Lennard

It wouldn’t be politically correct to put them in the basement, would it?

Chris vrecko



Spencer, this IMAM should be seen. His story is compelling. listen to him

Imam Tawhidi was live.

January 7 at 1:19am ·
Not many know my story, but here’s a bit of it: How I stopped hating Jewish people.

Brian Richard Allen

+JEN: …. JIHADI JUSTIN has his Human Shield “reporters” protecting him from Daish if Daish doesn’t know by now ‘jihadi Justin’ is on its side, not ours …. Well said. And: never having had nor come close, even, to comprhending a single thought anyone wanted nor would pay for; never having managed so much, even, as the shelf-stacker shift at a 7-11 nor a day shift in a Toronto taxi; said Sayyid Simpleton is become as psychopathologically hesperophobic as is evey other follower of the Mein Koranpf ramblings of the false fuehrer, Mohammed. And – as will every such, jihidi… Read more »