Guy With Personal Security Detail Tells Canadians Not To Worry About Returning ISIS Fighters

Man who will never live near any returning terrorists says there’s nothing to worry about.

During a recent town hall, a man with his own security detail and dozens – if not hundreds – of people working round the clock to keep him safe, told Canadians there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to returning ISIS fighters.

“On the issues of foreign travellers, I take advice from our intelligence agencies and our security agencies who are very, very alert to the challenges of returning … from the Middle East,”said the man who has part of an entire government department devoted to his security.

Interestingly, the man failed to mention that his own public safety minister expressed doubts about the so-called ISIS “reintegration” plan that was so highly touted by the son of a former PM.

Added the man who has lived in elitist neighbourhoods throughout his life and will never be close to any returning ISIS fighters, “We are very alert and responsible for keeping Canadians safe, keeping our communities safe. It’s something we will never compromise on. I can assure you, sir, you are very safe here in this room right now.”

Many have pointed out that the man is immune from the same threats facing Canadians, as we are expected to “welcome” former terrorists into our neighbourhoods, while he and the elites live in communities far removed from the danger.

At press time, many realized that it’s easy to tell other people not to worry about something when you don’t face that same concern yourself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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