VIDEO: Scheer Releases New Positive Ad

With his profile among Canadians still relatively low, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has released a new advertisement online.

The ad comes as surveys show Scheer’s popularity lagging behind both Trudeau and Singh, though his disapproval rating is also lower than Trudeau’s.

It’s a critical moment for any new leader, as they risk being defined negatively before they have a chance to appeal to more Canadians.

The ad is clearly an attempt to further show a contrast between Scheer and Trudeau, emphasizing Scheer’s middle-class background.

The ad is called “Why I’m in this,” and can be viewed below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Middle class appeal

The ad is a clear appeal for middle class support, as indicated by the wording used in Scheer’s tweet about the ad:

“Watch this. It’s why I’m here. My life growing up was a lot like other Canadians. I had a paper route, my mom was a nurse, and my dad worked for the newspaper. We didn’t even have a car. Canadians need leaders who understand the challenges they face.”

Whether the ad makes a difference remains to be seen, as Scheer has struggled to gain attention in the chaotic and image-based media environment that increasingly surrounds politics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter