Brett Wilson Rips Trudeau Government Trade Strategy As “Delusional, Naive, Or Stupid”

In an interview with BNN, prominent Canadian investor Brett Wilson heavily criticized how the Trudeau government is handling trade.

Wilson’s comments come in the wake of Canada launching a trade complaint alleging about 200 violations against the U.S. in the World Trade Organization.

As noted by BNN, “Wilson – one of Canada’s most outspoken investors – calls Canada’s decision to hit back “naive. They’re naive if they’re going to put some of the things they’ve put on the table and not believe that the other side is going to push back and say: ‘Nuh-uh. We don’t like those. And, in fact, we don’t like many of the things that are on the table right now,’” Wilson, chairman of Prairie Merchant, told BNN in an interview Wednesday.”

Wilson points out that the federal government is failing to adapt to the new trade situation, and are stuck on acting as if nothing has changed:

“Look what happened with softwood lumber,” he told BNN. “We’re not getting anywhere on that platform very quick. And, of course, supply management around dairy and eggs and other products, that’s all going by the wayside.”

Added Wilson, “Delusional, naive, or stupid: It doesn’t matter. Any one of those applies to our negotiating team if they think that we’ve got the upper hand. We don’t. We’re the size of California, and we’re not all that smart.”

Wilson’s comments speak to the growing concern about the strategy being taken by the Trudeau government, as virtue-signalling has been placed at the forefront.

Additionally, the Trudeau government has often discussed “standing with” Mexico in the negotiations, despite the fact that our trade with the U.S. dwarfs our trade with Mexico, and despite the fact that Mexico’s cheap labour and almost non-existent environmental laws allow them to undercut our Canadian manufacturers.

Watch Brett Wilson’s interview here.

Spencer Fernando

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Trade is just one more area of Liberal Party incompetence due to another area of incompetence i.e. strategic thinking and planning. Let’s list a few more Incompetencies attributed to this version of The Liberal Party’s Trudeau government:
* border security
* budget and fnancial management
* foreign affairs
* defence
* energy
* veteran affairs
* environment


You got that right.

bob kelly

Your right Bruce

Sandra Williston

..and Trudeau’s death knoll lack of sound immigration policy!


Right on.


Liberals fail at everything they attempt to do.

alan skelhorne

and to look at the crier crista freeland, like she is a big shot, president trump will come down hard on canada.trudeau can play act, but president trump will cut his showtime in no time.


Delusional, Naive, stupid! Yes, and this is also “Intentional.”
High level American politicians have referred to Trudeau as an Economic Marxist! Destroying Canada’s economy and creating extreme debt is the goal here! Poor country, poor people a lot easier to “control”

Bill O'Mahoney

Despite our differing, sometimes conflicting, objectives, the USA
Is about the best future for Canada’s growth in trade.
Way too much in common objectives to be be mismanaged.


this is without a doubt the most inept unqualified government in Canadian history. Liberal backbenchers sitting on their hands neddmto stand up for their country and bring their gigantic mistake down, by crossing the floor and joking opposition members in a vote of non confidence. Only they can end the madness.

William Roberts

Delusional, naïve and stupid, lmao and those words describe who. LOL, Trudumb to a tea.

Miles Lunn

I would take Brett Wilson’s views over Trudeau’s who knows a lot more about the economy and how trade works. The problem with Trudeau is he wants to promote his progressive agenda globally and he forgets citizens of each country get to decide whether they want to follow that path. Canadians may have voted for a progressive government, but citizens in most other countries have not (Globally there are very few progressive governments today) and a general rule is we respect the will of the electorate whether we like it or not.


What a powerful content!


Trudeau government is going to drive us in a deep wholesale market and we will end up like Venezeula ! Oh wait this Trudeau government is buying oil from them how embarrassing is that !!

General P. Malaise

BNN is like CBC very left leaning. socialists. I wonder how they find so many commie businessmen and economists to get on their programs.

it surprises me they still have the video up

Řick Monette

Delusional, naïve and stupid and also very much deliberate. The Trudeau liberals are working hard on putting into effect George Soros and the United Nations agenda 21 to a T and are advancing quickly George Soros must be proud of his puppets

Tom Nordin

This idiot is more worried about how he looks in the mirror than how he looks to Canadians when it comes to Finances, Border Security, Transparency, Veteran’s Needs, Immigration, Pipeline energy, and Damaging Carbon Taxes. All he cares about is how he looks on stage and to his stoned supporters. His best line is “ I’m sorry”. What a misfit in today’s running of the Country and when the Marijuana smokes clears from his office , there will only be a shell of a Country left called Canada Eh. Very, very sad and most upsetting to see what this part… Read more »

Bobby D.

Bruce Wilson January 11, 2018 at 9:22 pm “Delusional, naive, or stupid:…” Not ‘or’, all of these words. & more..

Bobby D.

Bruce’s comment from above.. Add immigration & more.. We need to keep all these Incompetencies in the ‘news’ so people don’t forget.. Forget?? Or just be stupid…