CRAZY: Aga Khan University In Uganda Is Located On ‘Plot 9/11, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Road’

Not a joke.

Many people reading the headline of this article probably think it’s a joke.

We wish it was.

But it’s not.

It’s right there on the website, as you can see below:

In addition to the photo, I’ve included it in text form:

“Post-RN BScN Programme, Uganda
This is a two and a half-year programme designed to provide senior registered nurses with an opportunity to upgrade their diploma qualification to degree level.

Admissions have closed for 2017 admission cycle​. The last date to submit the application was March 31, 2017​​.​​​​​

​For more information, please contact: ​​

Registrar’s Office
Aga Khan​ University
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Plot 9/11, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Road
P. O. Box 8842
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 349 494″

It’s a big insult to the victims of 9/11 to have a university located at that address, and it makes it even more disturbing that the Aga Khan Foundation gets millions in funding from Canadian taxpayers.

Why would we give money to an organization that puts a university on that address?

It sends a message of subservience and weakness that despite such an insulting provocation – especially considering that 26 Canadians died on 9/11 – that the federal government would still give money to that organization.

As I’ve said before, we should stop giving foreign aid entirely, and we certainly shouldn’t be giving taxpayer money to organizations that would put their university on such a disgraceful address.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Aga Khan University website/Twitter

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Tanya Gaw

Not only the fact that Trudeau gives foreign aid but that he actually calls the Aga Khan a friend…and spends time with him.

Major Tom

Headline “Aga Khan abandons $1 million” by Clare Ogilvie, Staff Reporter, Province Newspaper, Vancouver, BC.
“The Aga Khan has abandoned his claim to more than $1 million US in cash seized under proceeds of crime laws six years ago………Lawyer Len Doust said the Aga Khan would rather give up the money than disclose in court the inner workings of the tithe gathering…..”
Our PM’s buddy……….need we say more?


Solve Canadian’s social and economic problems, prime minister, and then let’s see if there is anything left over for foreign aid.


Great find, Spencer! There is only one answer to this. Using this address for that purpose was intentional . It just goes to show that their hate towards us has no limit.

Clive Edwards

Who benefitted from 9/11? Answer: the U.S. security establishment, that’s who. The Patriot Act was waiting of the shelf for a “New Pearl Harbour” in order to justify its proclamation. So yes, 9/11 was a plot and anything that keeps that in the world consciousness may one day help to motivate a real, transparent, unbiased and most of all truthful account of what happened and who did it, including trials and possibly jail or execution for the guilty. Sure, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the evil bookends of the Middle East seem to be involved as well, but it sure wasn’t… Read more »