The Federal Government Is Corrupt

When the PM can break ethics rules with no consequence and the elites use foreign tax havens while the rest of us are massively taxed, it becomes obvious that the government has been corrupted.

For almost all Canadians, we face clear consequences when we violate federal rules.

And for almost all Canadians, we have to pay our taxes.

However, there are some notable exceptions to that:

Justin Trudeau was found in clear violation of federal ethics rules.

He faced no punishment.

Elites connected to the government and political parties have been found using foreign offshore tax havens, costing our nation up to $15 Billion every year, and a vast majority of Canadians want those tax havens closed.

Yet nothing has been done.

And when it comes to the punishments for ethics violations, there is no movement whatsoever within the government to toughen up the punishments. In fact, Trudeau is even saying his ethics violations show “the system works,” which definitely expresses his belief that it works for him and his fellow elites.

But it’s not working for the Canadian people.

We are dictated to by a government and an elite class that exempts themselves from the accountability and rules they impose on us.

That is the definitive sign that the federal government has become fully corrupt, and no longer truly represents Canadians.

To fix that, we will need real punishments for politicians who violate the law, measures banning the use of foreign offshore tax havens, and more referendums and direct democracy.

And the first step in making that happen is acknowledging how broken the federal government is. Only by acknowledging its corruption can we hope to fix it.

Spencer Fernando

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