The Federal Government Is Corrupt

When the PM can break ethics rules with no consequence and the elites use foreign tax havens while the rest of us are massively taxed, it becomes obvious that the government has been corrupted.

For almost all Canadians, we face clear consequences when we violate federal rules.

And for almost all Canadians, we have to pay our taxes.

However, there are some notable exceptions to that:

Justin Trudeau was found in clear violation of federal ethics rules.

He faced no punishment.

Elites connected to the government and political parties have been found using foreign offshore tax havens, costing our nation up to $15 Billion every year, and a vast majority of Canadians want those tax havens closed.

Yet nothing has been done.

And when it comes to the punishments for ethics violations, there is no movement whatsoever within the government to toughen up the punishments. In fact, Trudeau is even saying his ethics violations show “the system works,” which definitely expresses his belief that it works for him and his fellow elites.

But it’s not working for the Canadian people.

We are dictated to by a government and an elite class that exempts themselves from the accountability and rules they impose on us.

That is the definitive sign that the federal government has become fully corrupt, and no longer truly represents Canadians.

To fix that, we will need real punishments for politicians who violate the law, measures banning the use of foreign offshore tax havens, and more referendums and direct democracy.

And the first step in making that happen is acknowledging how broken the federal government is. Only by acknowledging its corruption can we hope to fix it.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Hickey

Canadians must do something different in 2019! It is time that WE the People drain the swamp in Canada! No more political parties ruling with majority governments with less than 40% of the popular vote with in the last election only a 68% turnout rate of eligible voters! It is time to clean our HOUSE for the Common God of All Canadians! Electing 338 Non-Partisan MPs to SERVE the Will and the Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians is our only option if we want to survive as the Sovereign True North Strong and free Canada! Developing a Canadian… Read more »


With this massive immigration, it seems unlikely that will ever happen. 15 billion in cost every year re offshore tax havens and 24 billion leaving the country every year to immigrant’s relatives, plus Trudeau giving away millions of our tax dollars left and right. It makes me sick. Scheer doesn’t look any better than Trudeau. All these parties are the same, no matter who you vote for. MPs don’t deserve the title Honorable before their names.

Jean Pierre LaRocque

I am all for what you are saying…..First pass the post is the biggest crock and WE THE PEOPLE must rid ourselves of this. I am tired of political parties shoving their agendas on THE PEOPLE!
Most political parties are conniving and sleazy and cannot be trusted especially if they get the vote no matter how small a majority. POLITICAL PARTIES MUST STOP DOING FOR THEIR PARTY AND DO FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE COUNTRY! WE MUST RID OURSELVES OF THE LOOPHOLES CREATED BY POLITICIANS FOR THE ELITE NO MORE PARADISE PAPERS!!!

Dave Bainard

5 years in prison for both Morneau and Jr seem appropriate.


Glad to see someone has finally said the “c” word out loud. Most Canadians have known this for 2 yrs. so now, what can we do about it? We need the RCMP, lawyers and an honest judge to get a backbone and charge this “waste of skin” liberal government.
Right now we have NO government in Canada that supports and protects Canadians.


The last Liberal governments under Jean Chretien and Paul Martin (left holding the bag -pun intended) became corrupt; remember AdScam in Quebec where bags and envelopes of cash were exchanged on street corners and in cafes by corrupt Liberal pols and fundraisers. After banishing them for nearly 10 years they return to power under the golden boy with only fine hair and colorful socks to offer. We are a passive and gullible collection of voters with very short memories, young and old. Our mainstream media is as untrustworthy as a Liberal government. Business large and small should cease advertising in… Read more »


The government is corrupt, the sky is blue, ice is cold…


We have a diplomatic dictator . This disgraceful PM has much more control, than we think. It’s not a lie, if you believe it.

As for Sheer, you can’t be real thinking he is just as bad ,or no better than Trudeau. No chance.

Harper walked us through a world recession , we didn’t even feel.
Sheer is no Harper, but he would be better than this dictator we currently have.


i am a conservative by heart but the tories are no better…lol…the tories should be running on getting rid of these horrible free trade deals we have like trump did…our middle class is being destroyed in canada….check out this video also remember the former tory politician who was caught red handed with cocaine and it simply disappeared and don’t forget the 90,000 buck deal of the year over the duffy affair.My wife and daughters pro life christians refused to vote for them in the last election and for good reason.It seems to me that we have a corrupt political… Read more »