Trudeau Confronted At Town Hall About M-103 & Returning ISIS Fighters

Despite holding the town halls on Liberal-friendly terrain, the real anger of Canadians is getting through.

Justin Trudeau faced more heckling at his latest town hall.

It took place at Western University in London, Ontario.

During the town hall, a patriotic Canadian criticized Trudeau for M-103 (a motion which could lead to serious restrictions on free speech), and his dangerously weak approach to returning ISIS fighters.

She also pointed out that the town hall was held on the Liberal-friendly terrain of a university.

Trudeau also faced criticism for his broken promise on electoral reform.

During the electoral reform debate process, Trudeau clearly wanted a ranked-ballot system which experts said would benefit the Liberals, and when he couldn’t get his way he picked up the ball and ran home.

He also denied Canadians the right to vote on electoral reform, rejecting any idea of holding a referendum.

That elitist contempt for Canadians is also shown in his passing of M-103 – which the vast majority of Canadians opposed, and his policy on returning ISIS fighters, which is widely hated by the Canadian people.

No matter how many town halls he has, it’s obvious he doesn’t care what people think, and more and more Canadians are realizing it.

Clearly, despite Trudeau’s best efforts to hold his “open” town halls on friendly terrain, the true opinions and true anger of many Patriotic Canadians are still getting through, even when Trudeau gives his usual practiced non-answers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Never seen anything more cringe worthy than Trudeau’s performance the other night in Nova Scotia. He tried impersonating a leader but failed.

K Garner

A ski instructor for Prime Minister is a sick joke.

Andreas Zabel

Oh come on now! He was also a trust-funded, part time drama teacher and a bouncer too, so amply qualified to lead a country of 35 million. Unfortunately he’s leading us astray toward 3rd world status with huge debt and lagging trade. Soon we won’t be a country but that’s exactly sock-boy’s evil scheme.

K Garner

He won with 39% of the vote. He is a sick joke.

Arlo Calhoun

Not to be forgotten…that was 39% of the only 68% of the Canadians that bothered to turn out for the vote. The boy does not even come close to speaking for all Canadians as he loves to state. Our electoral system is horribly flawed but those who hold power are not motivated to fix it for obvious reasons. So it goes…


I am surprised the the PM has not been confronted about the requirement for applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs program to sign an attestation that supports specific Liberal values. The PM believes immigrants coming to Canada need not support Canadian values but a kid needing a summer job most support the Liberal party’s values.

Alci B

Thanks to brave patriotic Canadians at University of London Ontario our voice regarding M 103 and returning ISIS fighters was heard .
Canada it’s time to drain the swamp and put an end to this corrupt government.

Wendy Gauvin

Its about time and hitting him up on his town hall meetings are even better .He cant not see hes getting caught in is own bs

alan skelhorne

i would love too see this clown in front of a group of people not on friendly grounds, and he can,t have the questions before hand. lol. that would be awesome too see, and every question must have the facts to back it up, just in case he tries to deflect. lol

Chris vrecko

Notice he is only going to universities, because that’s where his base was. His handlers are as dispicable as he is. How could people be so easily duped.
Having said that, I am thankful some are raising issues he is so disgusting and such a liar, keep praying that he is removed Christians.

John van Doodewaard

We certainly must pray for Trudeau and his government to be removed from office in te next general election in 2019. At the same time all of us, must do our utmost to awaken and alert Canadians. It is critically important that we talk to fellow Canadians about the corruption of the current Trudeau Liberal government. Share articles on social media that expose the wrong doing and betrayal of the Liberals. If we just complain and don’t take any personal action, we are complicit in the demise of Canada as a free and prosperous nation.


Just make sure you go VOTE


Should also pray that God raises up a strong and great leader to replace him, or we’ll justd get more of the same.


Yes Chris We the true believers in Christ need to keep Praying ….There is Power in Prayer and only God can remove him from office. May The Lord ABASE this man like never before in HIS LIFE!!!


Seriously? We have a madman opening and giving away our country to butchers thumping “their book” and in response you’re going with your “book”? I respect your right to believe what you will, but it will take much more than religious belief to end this madness. Start with an informed electorate who will actually get off of their collective butts and exercise their duty to vote!

Andrew T. Halmay

Justin is good on his feet but the college kids are brighter than her expected. While these Town Hall meetings are supposed to increase his popularity and gain him future votes it is turning out to give him a clear message that those votes won’t be for him. His posturing and rationalizing is over the top and lacks credibility. He’d best plan his post-political future.


Trudeau’s best efforts are rather WEAK. He does not even listen to what the people in the audience have to say. He speaks on top of them. He has not a clue that those people are Canadians who have a voice. The man is a total disgrace. And they removed two people for what? They were not committing any muslim terrorist attacks!


Watching the actual videos it’s a joke as he was talking about listening but kept overspeaking so her comments could bearly be heard. Then when he heard ISIS mentioned he really did a spin to cut her off very quickly


This Master-Traitor, Justin Trudeau’s deciet,contempt and arrogance is beyond acceptable, for any Nation, let alone our beautiful Canada. All True Canadians better start STANDING and SPEAKING UP NOW….or our Children’s futures will be HELL!!! We’ll be astronomically lucky if we’ll survive till 2019 without our Country being completely destroyed. Period!!!


Justin Trudeaus is a waste of skin…he does not give a dam at all about Canadians. That man is a disgrace to our country and Canadians

Dennis Rach

the people have to remove him not God the longer it takes the worse it will be. this guy doesn’t have clue