REMINDER: Tim Hortons Is Owned By A Foreign Multinational Company

Whatever their branding effort may promote, Tim Hortons is no longer a Canadian-owned company. Instead, it’s owned by a Brazilian investment firm.

As the controversy surrounding Tim Hortons continues, one thing that hasn’t received much attention is the fact that Tim Hortons – despite their branding – is not a Canadian company.

Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brands International, which also owns Burger King.

In turn, Restaurant Brands International is owned by 3G Capital, which is a Brazilian firm.

3G Capital has a majority stake.

As a result, while the HQ of Tim Hortons is still in Oakville, the company itself is no longer Canadian.

This matters, because multinational companies are far more removed from what’s happening on the ground, and don’t care much about local markets.

While Tim Hortons has a great Canadian history and heritage, it has been taken out of Canadian hands – like many once Canadian companies including Aecon, a historic engineering firm taken by China.

This is globalism at work, as companies that once held a special place of national pride are now part of the massive globalized machine, with their connection to a nation or community eroding everyday.

So, we can have a debate about how Tim Hortons responded to the minimum wage hike imposed by the Ontario Liberals, but we shouldn’t feel any special obligation to defend the company.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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don morris

It doesn’t matter who owns the company,for many years the American burger chain,”Wendy’s” owned Tim Horton’s,then Burger King,now 3g owns the corporation, BUT the franchises are owned by Canadians businessmen and women,and they are about to be hard hit by this quick rise of 29% in the minimum wage over a short period. The media has been using Joyce and Horton as their whipping posts,but most franchisees are not in their financial world,just people who wanted to own their own business and were willing to take the risk. I am often skeptical when fast food owners cry their eyes out… Read more »

Kristofer Saseniuk

If the government actually cared about the workers in ontario the politicians would simply amend the Employment Standards Act. See this ‘hike’ in minimum wage benefits employers because now they will simply hire people at student wage levels. Besides, what’s the big deal for companies, they’ve all been increasing prices on all commodities for over two years now.