REPORT: Suspected Edmonton Terrorist Deemed Fit To Stand Trial

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif – who faces five charges of attempted murder after an ISIS style attack – still faces a mental assessment.

The man accused of five counts of attempted murder after an ISIS-style attack in Edmonton has been deemed fit to stand trial.

However, he still faces a mental assessment.

As noted by the Edmonton Journal, “Medical professionals still need to assess his mental health so a judge can determine if he could be criminally responsible for his actions at the time of the alleged offence — including whether he understood his actions, right from wrong, and if he had the ability to control his behaviour.”

Of course, this is one of the huge flaws in our justice system, as the not-criminally responsible issue often ends up being a loophole that lets people get away with crimes. The entire point of someone being dangerous is that their mental state and ideology leads them to commit a terrorist act, so common-sense would say that they are responsible and need to be kept apart from law-abiding citizens.

Strangely, much of the elitist media has been also downplaying the radical Islamist terrorism angle, even though an ISIS flag was reportedly found in a vehicle allegedly used by Sharif in the attack.

Once again, we see the elites and the government establishment doing everything they can to hide the fact that Canadians face a threat from radical Islamism, a threat that could continue to grow as the government allows ISIS fighters to return to Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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